Sailing in Croatia PT.3: Stari Grad

The little town of Stari Grad is a surprisingly colourful & photo-ready place. The whole town takes less than 15 minutes to walk around, but if you try to discover every little pathway and boutique-looking shop and cafe, it can take a good half a day… and I highly recommend that.

Sailing in Croatia PT.2: (somewhere around) Hvar

Leaving Vis, we headed towards Hvar. Hvar town is usually deemed as a party heavy place, with loads of youngsters looking for loud musics and cheap drinks. We wanted to avoid that. Instead of looking for clubs and parties, we went looking for natural habitat that was tucked away from the main ha …

Sailing in Croatia PT.1: Vis Island, Croatia

It’s been a long time coming, but after our last sailing experience in Greece, we’ve craved for another one for the past three years. The fact that you get to hide away from civilization(well, as much as you feel comfortable with), jump in those refreshing, clear, blue water anytime you fancy, a …

4 Holiday Outfits in Amalfi Coast

Let me warn you, this is the most picture heavy post in a long time on here. The 3 and a half days in the Amalfi Coast went pass so quickly. Now when I think of it, the whole trip was just filled with a dozen wows and a dozen more woos. Hence the number of photos you are about to see here. So enjoy.

Seaside Picnic, 豆腐岬

This is the last one about Taiwan now. Although the trip’s finished for almost more than two months now. I still feel a little sentimental about finishing talking about it. For me the trip really ends when I finish talking about it here.

Testing the Pajama Pants Trend in Taipei

I’m always a huge advocate for any trend in fashion that promotes comfort. The pajama trend that’s been around for several seasons, is one that I’m ALL IN for.

A Glimpse of Heaven at Jancing Historic Trail, Taiwan

This hiking route, located on one of the highest mountains in Taiwan, is unarguably, the place that resembles what heaven would look like in my mind the most.  The drive up to the top is very exhilarating itself with a few dozens of hairpin bands, made even more exciting with the occasional fogg …

White On White

I’m not sure how this style is only becoming so recognised recently. But white-on-white, especially a white T paired with a white pair of denim is such a great way to dress on a tropical vacation. Not only does it look great in the pictures(because you’d be ready to go with any kind of backgroun …

Traveling Back in Time, Yilan 宜兰, Taiwan

I felt close enough to Taiwan before I traveled there. Growing up watching tv dramas and movies, following stars and singers from Taiwan, and later on getting to know friends who came from there…… I’d always had this weird nostalgic feeling for the place without having visited for even once. …

Japan Pt. 8: Six-hour road trip and first impression of Tokyo

Here it comes the final chapter of my Japan travel series that’s been going on forever. It’s my third time visiting Japan on the blog(and in real life), and you can’t tell already, I’m very much hooked by what the country has to offer. A six-hour road trip from Kaga to Tokyo refreshed my impress …

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