A Day in Vigo, Spain

It’s the first week into September, school has started, streets are starting to get covered by falling leaves, and jackets are back in duty… it is Autumn. But who says you can’t dig out some of the amazing photos taken earlier this summer, and immerse yourself back in that salty sea breeze and …

The Wild West of Paris

Bois de Boulogne is this huge park located in the west of Paris. It’s once the royal hunting ground. Now it’s home to several rather great restaurants, a few sports grounds, and also the famous contemporary museum Louis Vuitton Foundation.

My Favourite Place to Visit in Paris

Paris is packed with beautiful streets, stunning views and great architectures. The more you become familiar, the more you’ll discover and learn to appreciate the city more. 

Paris All To Myself

Second day in Paris, I finally did what fashion bloggers usually do: that is to rise with the sun. Our hotel was only about 10 mins walking distance to Trocadero, which is supposed to be best spot to observe the Eiffel Tower. I set my alarm for 6am, and woke up to the golden morning sun. Anot …

Wonderland in Paris

Some people fall in love with Paris straight away, or even before they’ve been. However for me, the love grew slowly every time I paid another visit. By the time I visited Paris earlier this year, I was, save to say, completely in love with the place. I knew what’s where, and I had a rough idea …

Venice Part Three: 6 Boxes You Must Tick When Visiting Venice

The 1st box to tick: Lunch at a local Osteria. My priority when traveling is always around the food I want to eat. I usually never stumble into places, unless it looks really good and authentic, and the place I had in mind was somehow unfeasible. I always research way ahead, and book for the …

Exploring the Venetian Lagoon

While the city of Venice itself has everything to offer, one can’t help but to venture out and explore a few nearby islands in the Venetian lagoon. Amongst which the most famous include the colourful island of Burano, that is on the wish list of almost every tourist. But before any sightseeing, …

Venice Part 1: Arriving on a Raining Day

We arrived at Venice on a rainy afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the rain(living in London), plus there’s nothing more dramatic than Venice on a gloomy day. I fell in love with the view at the first glance.

Dubai Part Two: The Nature & The Old

If you thought getting lost in the concrete jungle of central Dubai was fun, then you’d be thrilled to explore so much more the place had to offer.

Dubai First Part, the Modern City

Last month I went to Dubai for a dear friend’s wedding. It was my first time in Dubai. But as I’d imagined to be the same for most people: even that you hadn’t been to Dubai, you’d probably have heard a lot about the city and had painted your own picture of it in your brain already. Well, at lea …

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