Matchy Matchy

The other day(well quite a while ago actually, oops about my updating speed), my dear/super stylish friend Dina (her blog)and I decided to go on a Gucci Dionysus themed(the best kind of theme no?) girls day out.

Quick Lunch Stop in Paris – Udon Kunitoraya 虎庵

Udon Kunitoraya is a long word, let’s call it the “best udon place” shall we? Everything you need to know about this amazing little udon shop located just off Palais Royal is that, it closes on Wednesdays. Apart from that, you’re all good to go! Reasonably priced, great central l …

Paris Special – Jin 仁

Walking into Jin on the Wednesday evening, everyone was expecting us. The waitress warmly greeted us and took our coats, while the chefs were standing by at their stations, knifes sharpened and shined, ready on the counter.

Paris Day Two – Hotel Henriette & Alain Passard’s Arpège

  The first morning I woke up in Paris, I felt GREAT! When we travel abroad, we always complain about how the hotel beds/pillows/mattress/duvets don’t match the standard we expected. And you’re always left with a sleepless night or a backache in the morning. But then when the things are ac …

Best(one of the many) Dinner in Paris – Pottoka, and Its Lamb

Here you go, the ultimate LAMB. Slow roasted with razor clams, new potatoes, artichokes and asparagus. Brought out sizzling and steaming to our table at Pottoka, this unassuming little restaurant tucked away near the Eiffel tower on Rue de L’Exposition. <

Paris Day One, Lunch at Terroir Parisien de Yannick Alleno

On a very grey Monday morning in London, I packed my luggage and escaped to Paris instead. Arriving in Paris, the weather was very welcoming indeed! It was the kind of weather that would make you want walk everywhere. We arrived at our beautiful hotel Hotel Henrriette …

Denim Denim Denim

  Denim on denim has been one of the best trends of all time, at least for me. As a little girl, my mother used to dress me from top to toe in denim pieces. I regularly sported outfits such as a denim shirt under a denim pinafore dress, or a denim jacket with a pair of straight leg j …

Rockstud Effect

I’ve never owned a piece from the Rockstud collection from Valentino. I never thought I’d need one until I saw this little thing on Net-a-Porter: a total beauty made of (my favourite)denim, embroidery and studs. Spring just said hi with some attitude.

Chinese Laundry the Restaurant, Islington

A little while back, I went to review a little restaurant in Islington called Chinese Laundry on behalf of Condé Nast Traveler China. I’d heard of it long before I was asked to do the review. The creatively authentic dishes and the unique quirkiness of the place attracted muc …

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