Japan Pt.5: Kimono Lunch & Kenroku-En 兼六园

I wouldn’t have guessed before, but wearing a different kimono each time visiting Japan has become a bit of a tradition for me. A kimono pattern that reflects the time of year and mood of that particular day makes a special mental note for the trip. I wore purple with gold threads the first time …

Japan Pt.4: Kanazawa(金沢) By The Sea

It’s quite the road trip to drive from Kyoto to Kanazawa. It takes just under 4 hours. You first go right next pass the largest lake in Japan, the Biwa lake琵琶湖,and after a bit of fun mountain bends, you reach right next to the East Sea, which takes you all the way up north, through Kaga, to …

Japan Pt.3: Arashiyama岚山 & Dinner at Jugyuan 十牛庵

Another day, another outfit. A winter skirt is such a great layering piece to both keep you warm, and injecting some femininity back into the look. Teamed up with a pair of trusty old heat-tech leggings and over-the-knee boots, I’m ready to walk about Kyoto in a cold but sunny winter day.

Japan Pt.2: Kinkakuji 金阁寺 & A Great Japanese Cuppa

Another day waking up to a beautiful, bright morning. I returned to the safe combo of a jumper dress and pair of over-knee boots. It’s a fast, no-brainier way of dressing up warm and stylish, when you just don’t want to spend too long on deciding what to wear.

Japan Pt.1: Is Fushimi Inari Just A Big Tourist Trap?

Fushimi Inari, if you don’t recognise the name, you might recall seeing a picture of endless red gates prolonging into the mountain somewhere, and most like have wowwwed or awwwwed at it. It is statistically proved to be the most visited attraction of Japan for the past 5 years. And it indeed is …

Japan Pt. 0: Accommodation Hunting Before We Start

I think many for you would agree with me when I say this: the joy of travelling starts when the planning starts: searching for fun things to do, nice restaurants to dine in, and most importantly, the accommodation that you’ll call home for a few days at your destination.

Scotland Pt. 2: A Smart Es”Cape”

(Cont’d from the previous post) A winter cape is a great layering piece to keep you both warm and stylish. That’s especially if your accommodation is as smart is this one.

Scotland Pt.1: The Best of Both Worlds

Happy new year all! As keen as I am to start new adventures of 2018, I have just a few more exciting travel pieces of 2017 to share with you here. Starting with this one:

Travel Classic, Bunyola, Mallorca

Every morning in Mallorca I get out of bed, and then get mentally drunk with the overwhelming amount of sun. I guess that’s what sundaze literately means, it’s inevitable.

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