A Little Present

There’s some sort of a baby boom going on at the moment for sure. There are five babies popping out between August and September this year from just the people I know.

A Dip into Nature

The past Saturday felt a bit unreal. With permission(assurance) from the BBC weather forecast, we decided Me to go for something new and headed to Hampstead Heath. Swimming in the pond Abuja was a first for me. It felt totally different than swimming in a pool or the ocean. Maybe there&#8217 …

Take Me on Vacation

The weather in London is screaming holiday season lately. I decided to join London and scream cheap NBA jerseys the same message myself, literately. This lovely Wildfox(Same Memory style, different slogan, bagi or long sleeves with the same slogan) knitted T-shirt is the Start …

A Humble Start

So here it is, finally.  After feeling a bit lost and discouraged from researching on the technical Hacked side of blog building, I thought I’d better quickly write something before getting completely fed up and give up on this whole blogging thing! I am one with many passions for w …

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