The Shift

It’s always nice to invest in a new shift dress in spring. One you’ll layer up for the initial colder days, and last you all the way through summer, and even some parts of autumn as well.

Fire and Ice Ramen In London

     London is an amazing city. I’m constantly stunned by its capacity to accommodate new cultures and ideas, while at the same time remaining so “English” at the core.  But let’s talk a bit about fashion first? I have been living in this coat ever since I got it. An oversiz …

A Double Life

Last Wednesday came like any other wednesdays, but for all Chinese and some other asian countries, it was the Lunar New Year. Living in the UK, you start to forget about the Lunar New Year until the moment your parents call and tell you are are planning to come and celebrate it together.

That Kiss

It’s the best feeling when you find yourself actually using something purchased as a souvenir during, say, a museum visit during a holiday.

Neutral With An Attitude

Certain colours and materials always bring people the feeling of comfort. That’s why so many of us choose to paint our rooms in beige I guess. After all the glitters and shines during the festive period, it’s nice to head for a change and embrace some muted colours, well crafted tailoring, and a …

Going Higher For A View

Strolling around the city of Paris is fantastic! Choose a nice route, and you’ll get to see all the amazing french architecture, wonderful little boutique shops, some of the cutest Yorkies(seriously, Parisians seem to love Yorkies). And when it comes to the evening, there’s the perfect plac …

From Your Couch To… Everywhere

Fashion trends can be a little funny from time to time. You start wearing things that would have been considered horrendous just not long ago. But when the trend comes, suddenly everything seems plausible. The last trend like this that I absolutely embraced was the “wear your trainers with …

Opposite Colours

Ever since the art classes in my primary school, I’ve been told that painting your masterpieces with opposite colours will always score you high. That idea stuck with me. 

Would You Come For A Walk With Me?

We live in this time when everybody is going somewhere, planning something, meeting someone. “What are your plans for the weekend?”, “What’s your plan for summer?”, “Any plans for tonight?” are always the questions being asked. It almost seems like having no “exciting/crazy/pushing your own limi …

The Autumn Colour

I’ve been playing this little game with myself to wear a bit of camel through out the days of LFW S/S 15. Camel for me, is the safest, go-to colour other than black. It is natural, easy-going, warm and never out of fashion. And needless to say, it is the perfect seasonal colour to comfortably bl …

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