The Oriental

The trip back to China was filled by meetings with friends and family up and down the country. We landed in Shanghai, and then visited both my husbands and my cities which had a good 700 kilometres between them. Within the 3 weeks, it took us more than 3 whole days purely being on the road. And …

Oxford Street River Island Style Studio

Before I went on my China trip, I paid a little visit to the (then)newly launched Style Studio at Oxford Street River Island looking for some great holiday pieces.

Evening Luxe

I must have said it like ten times on here about my love for reversible pieces(basically two for the price of one, so..). But this reversible quilted coat from Temperley London just brings the game to a whole new level.

Hereford Road On Hereford Road

Finally, a long waited restaurant post! I really should do this more often as I surely dine out QUITE A LOT, and there are so many places I mean to check out! Now put my guilty feelings aside, this is a true local gem if you ever find yourself around Notting Hill and feeling peckish.

Black Out

It’s really quite rare for me to wear a lot of black since I love colours, patterns and things that glitter! But once in a while, even I have to admit that black is probably the most universally flattering colour for most people, and the fast track to look instantly chic and smart.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath

 I arrived at night, and was stunned by its beauty. The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath is located at the very centre of the royal crescent(surprise surprise!), which is formed by 30 Georgian terraced houses facing and overlooking the city of bath and the many surrounding fields. It …

The Shift

It’s always nice to invest in a new shift dress in spring. One you’ll layer up for the initial colder days, and last you all the way through summer, and even some parts of autumn as well.

Fire and Ice Ramen In London

     London is an amazing city. I’m constantly stunned by its capacity to accommodate new cultures and ideas, while at the same time remaining so “English” at the core.  But let’s talk a bit about fashion first? I have been living in this coat ever since I got it. An oversiz …

A Double Life

Last Wednesday came like any other wednesdays, but for all Chinese and some other asian countries, it was the Lunar New Year. Living in the UK, you start to forget about the Lunar New Year until the moment your parents call and tell you are are planning to come and celebrate it together.

That Kiss

It’s the best feeling when you find yourself actually using something purchased as a souvenir during, say, a museum visit during a holiday.

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