Sailing in Croatia PT.3: Stari Grad

The little town of Stari Grad is a surprisingly colourful & photo-ready place. The whole town takes less than 15 minutes to walk around, but if you try to discover every little pathway and boutique-looking shop and cafe, it can take a good half a day… and I highly recommend that. I should say no more here and let the pictures do the talking.

Sailing in Croatia PT.1: Vis Island, Croatia

It’s been a long time coming, but after our last sailing experience in Greece, we’ve craved for another one for the past three years. The fact that you get to hide away from civilization(well, as much as you feel comfortable with), jump in those refreshing, clear, blue water anytime you fancy, and sleep like a little baby with the gentle rocks from the boat(which I still feel now almost a week after being back on land)… the experience of a sailing trip is unlike anything else to say the least. Being NOT on a luxury yacht, but a fairly modern, well-equipped, beginner-friendly catamaran,  we all get to be the passengers, servants, crews, chefs, and occasionally the captain(in turns, of course) at one point or another whilst on board. And to me, that’s exactly where all the point and fun is in this trip! And this time around, we’ve chosen Croatia to be the destination. The boat was picked up at Zadar, and somewhat under the influence of Mamma Mia 2, we headed straight to the beautiful island of Vis, where the filming took place. With the blessing of good weather and a peaceful ocean, we arrived at Vis after 2 good days worth of straight on sailing, plus a breathtaking sunset rewarded to us at the end of the first day. Vis is the furthest inhabited island away from the Croatian coast. It’s only reachable with a 2-hour ferry ride from split, or by people like us who sail around the islands by boat. As a result, even in the main town of Vis, you still get a sense of peace and serenity, a good spot in a nice restaurant with well mannered staffs(which is a rarity if you head for those more remote islands), and a great balance of […]

5 Summer Event Dresses

There’s really no need to emphasize how lovely British summer is. We all love the long, sunny days graced by the occasional breeze. To celebrate the love for British summer, there are plenty of summer events around. From a garden party, to a weekend barbecue, to outdoor weddings, tennis matches and horse races… … etc. There are different dress codes for going to different events. I’ve featured 5 dresses here(many are on sale now!), that would cover almost all different events on your diary this summer. I’ve opted for midi to maxi skirt lengths, both to hide my voluminous thighs and also they would be appropriate for most dress codes. The first dress is a sorbet colour block, flowy piece. There’s no restrain whatsoever on the body, ideal for wearing for the whole day, eating, drinking and dancing. I wore this to the Royal Ascot royal enclosure. The hat designer kindly personalised my hat to the dress in the end. The whole outfit looked great together. And most importantly, I felt great without having to suck my stomach in all the time. The second dress would be perfect for going to the Wimbledon. The white, the cotton material and the airy design would keep you cool for the whole day. And white, which would remind me of retro tennis dresses, is always tennis appropriate. Just be careful not to let strawberry juices splash onto it though. The third dress is one I’ve own for a while now. It’s also a great summer piece that doesn’t really go out of style. The puffy sleeves are massively on trend this summer, and the subtle daisy print can almost never date. I can’t think of an event that it’s not suitable for. Garden parties, weddings… … it’s the ultimate fail safe choice. This […]

4 Holiday Outfits in Amalfi Coast

Let me warn you, this is the most picture heavy post in a long time on here. The 3 and a half days in the Amalfi Coast went pass so quickly. Now when I think of it, the whole trip was just filled with a dozen wows and a dozen more woos. Hence the number of photos you are about to see here. So enjoy. My holiday capsule wardrobe included 3 dresses, 1 jumpsuit, and a white linen shirt. There was also a pair of denim shorts which I didn’t get to wear in the end. 2 bags, one big straw bag from Majorca last year, and one little clutch/shoulder bag for dressier moments. In the shoe department, a pair of trainers, plus a pair of lace-up pumps(the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever known). No heels were involved at all, considering the amount of hilly roads there, and the amount of time I might spent hiking through them. All outfits’ details can be found at the end. So I’ll leave you to enjoy some beautiful scenery first(some with me in them if you don’t mind:)). First outfit in Positano. Lunch at the most beautiful balcony in Positano I dare to claim, at Le Sirenus. Second outfit, leaving for Sorrento and stopping by Ravello on the way. And finishing the day by having a drink on the most beautiful balcony in Sorrento, dare I claim again. Third outfit, chasing an almost surreal sunset at the ruin of Villa Pollio Felice Fourth outfit(and a beach outfit which could be count as half?) when we headed to Capri for lunch. SHOP ALL LOOKS

Seaside Picnic, 豆腐岬

This is the last one about Taiwan now. Although the trip’s finished for almost more than two months now. I still feel a little sentimental about finishing talking about it. For me the trip really ends when I finish talking about it here. One of the best things about Taiwan is the amount of convenient stores dotted around all over the place. Similar to Japan, the variety of ready-to-eat meals available in the stores is very impressive to. There are microwaves behind the counter always, to help you heat up your meal if needed too. The existence of these stores make spontaneous picnics extremely easy to put together. The weather that day didn’t look too promising for sunbathing or dipping in the sea. I layered this blue slip dress on top of a t-shirt in case I need some beach cover-up later, should the sun comes out. The famous Cult Gaia bag is surprisingly voluminous. I fitted my bikini, all the essentials and even a small bottled water too inside of it.   SHOP THE LOOK Having my first oden(a Japanese style mixed clear stew) and cold sesame sauce noodles in front of the sea. The unusual location surely makes everything taste much better than it actually is.  And you see, I wasn’t the only one who thought the sea view would make your food taste better?

Testing the Pajama Pants Trend in Taipei

I’m always a huge advocate for any trend in fashion that promotes comfort. The pajama trend that’s been around for several seasons, is one that I’m ALL IN for. Be it a silk slip dress, or a shirt/trousers co-ord, the pajama trend gives you the ultimate comfort whilst looking somewhat put-together when accessorized right. If a head to toe pajama outfit is a bit too daring for your usual taste, then try mixing half of a set with something else can be the first step towards mastering a pajama chic look. For exploring Taipei National Palace museum, I decided to put myself in ultimate comfort by wearing this pair of PJ trousers, with a white linen shirt that’s actually from the menswear for the laid back fit. I tried to pair the outfit with the coolest looking sandals from the H&M studio collection. While it looked super cool on my feet and in the photos, it didn’t quite keep in line with the “comfortable” theme I was trying to go for that day. In the end I went for a pair of white sneakers instead. Cult Gaia Bag SHOP THE LOOK The National Palace museum itself feels like a huge treasure cave. The best, some of the most lavish, intricate, luxurious artifacts from the Chinese history are on display in there.  A wide range of jade objects, paintings and calligraphy,  furniture and jewelries… a day in that museum will leave anyone in owe of the extravagance of lifestyle in China back then.  If you’re feeling peckish after the museum, there’s no need to look further than the restaurant “Silk Palace” located within the museum ground. Unlike the typical rip-offs at attractions, everything there are actually tasty and at a reasonable price.  The dishes that you should absolutely go for are the […]

A Glimpse of Heaven at Jancing Historic Trail, Taiwan

This hiking route, located on one of the highest mountains in Taiwan, is unarguably, the place that resembles what heaven would look like in my mind the most.  The drive up to the top is very exhilarating itself with a few dozens of hairpin bands, made even more exciting with the occasional foggy parts. One advise I can give is to buy a lunch bento to take up to the top with you. It will be one of the most unforgettable lunches you’ve had in a long time.  The trail used to be a wood-cutting factory, and there were internal mini railways for transporting the material out. The factory and the railways are now of course abandoned. They are now homes for the most beautiful moss and mini rain forests. The unexpected mixture of wild nature and men-made features together create a scene that’s out of this world. Apart from all these, there are now a few newly built suspension bridges connecting where the original routes have collapsed. A walk on the bridge where the other end could barely be seen in the cloud, really pumps up one’s adrenaline too. It is an experience that can’t be missed. SHOP THIS POST

White On White

I’m not sure how this style is only becoming so recognised recently. But white-on-white, especially a white T paired with a white pair of denim is such a great way to dress on a tropical vacation. Not only does it look great in the pictures(because you’d be ready to go with any kind of background, be it a beach, a rain forest or a busy city scene), white will also help bounce of sunlight to keep you as cool as possibly can be. Yet another bonus, is that by separating them to go with the rest of the pieces in your suitcase, white is just as versatile as black, if not even more so in the warm seasons. And no, I was not in Japan again. Although the resemblance in the architecture is very misleading here.  Taiwan was for quite a bit of time, colonized by Japan. And this particular residence, now the  Yilan Literary Museum, is actually built completely in Japanese style. Once taking your steps inside the museum ground, you will feel transported to a quiet garden in the mountain of Kyoto. SHOP WHITE-ON-WHITE SHOP ACCESSORIES

Traveling Back in Time, Yilan 宜兰, Taiwan

I felt close enough to Taiwan before I traveled there. Growing up watching tv dramas and movies, following stars and singers from Taiwan, and later on getting to know friends who came from there…… I’d always had this weird nostalgic feeling for the place without having visited for even once.  So needless to say, I was mega excited about visiting Taiwan, finally. And to many of our friends’ surprise, we based ourselves in the quiet countryside of Yilan rather than the busy metropolitan of Taipei. Visiting Yilan has been a real travel back in time. The newly established Westin onsen resort is surrounded by beautiful, glistening rice fields. The locals were laid back, happy and friendly, all the time. Not one single meal costed more than 20 pounds per head(well a lot of them costed 20 pounds for all 4). The resourceful countryside of Yilan is filled with humble country roads with the occasional surprise of a extravagant temple, lively ports with the freshest seafood coming directly from the fishing boats to your table… The luxury in the lifestyle there comes not in the form of designer goodies and lush interior styles. Rather, it’s in a much more organic form: the slow way you live the days, the freshest local produce that’s presented(unbelievably cheaply) at your dinner table, the untainted sunshine and pure volcanic onsen water that you get to bath your skin in on a daily basis. These are the kind of things that puts a genuine, wholehearted smile on my face. Having said all that above though, Yilan has much more to offer than what the nature’s given it. There are plenty of young and new energy being injected into the life in Yilan.  Places that have really took me by surprise that would have been cool to […]

Japan Pt. 8: Six-hour road trip and first impression of Tokyo

Here it comes the final chapter of my Japan travel series that’s been going on forever. It’s my third time visiting Japan on the blog(and in real life), and you can’t tell already, I’m very much hooked by what the country has to offer. A six-hour road trip from Kaga to Tokyo refreshed my impression about Japan yet again, seeing the scenery change dramatically along the way. Within the 6-hour drive, the road took us through practically different seasons. We got to see country roads and houses, majestic budda statue poking out from behind trees, rice fields covered in snow, red bridge rainbow across frozen river, ski resorts with people the size of ants glide down the mountains… it’s difficult to get bored(or sleepy) driving there. I’ll finish the blab here because the photos below should speak for the experience themselves. And when we arrived in Tokyo, it’s a whole other world. Having chosen to stay at the hotel of Chinzanso, we got to stay away from the crazy hustle and bustle of what the “true” Tokyo offered. Waking up with a refreshing view of the garden and seeing the city in a bit of distance is a real privilege in Tokyo. The land itself belonged to the former PM of Japan, where he built himself the house and garden: an oasis in the heart of the capital, and gave the name Chinzanso to it.  And after a few days spent in the more rural part of Japan, I was excited to put on something more city-like. And believe it or not, I was glad to slip into something with a bit of heels too! SHOP THE LOOK Having only got 2 days in a city as vast as Tokyo, I had to just tick of a few must-see items […]

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