The Courtyard & Best Udon In Town

The courtyard in Somerset House is usually where 55 fountains dance happily up and down in the middle. But every twice a year, a big tent is set up on top of them, instead of dancing water, it becomes a place for dancing heels and flashing cameras. It is the London Fashion Week. 

How To Survive A Car Exhibition For (Car) Dummies

Firstly, go to one where unlimited food and champaign is served. But apart from that, even for a dummy like me who didn’t know a thing about cars other than the colour and size(roughly), there were still plenty of things to look at and enjoy at the Salon Privé. Of course your male companion …

All You Can Eat In The Shard

We headed for a semi-buffet style lunch at Oblix in the Shard. It featured a menu with a buffet table for your starter and dessert, and you can choose a main from 4-5  options. It was the perfect blend of great views, casual tasty bites and going for seconds on desserts, and only …

Family Sunday Itinerary

Sunday used to be my favourite day of the week,a day dedicated to chilling. That’s until we got a nanny and Sunday was her off day. So when you try to choose among 10 types of bread rather than going for the first one you see, while having a tantrum throwing baby lying on the floor next to …

A Little Present

There’s some sort of a baby boom going on at the moment for sure. There are five babies popping out between August and September this year from just the people I know.

A Dip into Nature

The past Saturday felt a bit unreal. With permission(assurance) from the BBC weather forecast, we decided Me to go for something new and headed to Hampstead Heath. Swimming in the pond Abuja was a first for me. It felt totally different than swimming in a pool or the ocean. Maybe there&#8217 …

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