Somethings Take Time

* this is a collaboration post with JORD Reconnecting with nature is something all of us at the house like to do once in a while. And one of the perks of living in London is that you get to escape to the wild within 30 mins drive from city centre. All that you need is a gentle reminder, and t …

3 Items to Invest in when You’re on a Budget

As much as we want to shop all the items on our wishlist, it usually doesn’t happen because we have good money senses and we give ourselves certain budgets(well, at least for most of the time). So let’s say it’s a happy payday, or time to drop a hint for an important one on one of those celebrat …

What Seasons Can Do to Your Stye

There’s something about the warm breezes of this time of the year between spring and summer. Pretty, romantic summer dresses can be worn now, with a little extra warmth/style provided by all sorts of nice jackets over them.

Season Appropriate Dressing

Spring summer are the seasons when we start to embrace colours like the trees in the parks do. As nature starts to pick up all sorts of colours, we put away our black/grey/browns and turn to the more vibrant side of the wardrobe too. Especially for all the new season events on the calendar: date …

Red with a Twist

Who doesn’t have a thing for red? As human beings, we’re(supposed to be) animals with an instinctive thirst for blood/desire/lust… which is what the colour red always represents. So no wonder red is always big in fashion, when something comes in red, there’s a good chance that you ge …

Matchy Matchy

The other day(well quite a while ago actually, oops about my updating speed), my dear/super stylish friend Dina (her blog)and I decided to go on a Gucci Dionysus themed(the best kind of theme no?) girls day out.

Denim Denim Denim

  Denim on denim has been one of the best trends of all time, at least for me. As a little girl, my mother used to dress me from top to toe in denim pieces. I regularly sported outfits such as a denim shirt under a denim pinafore dress, or a denim jacket with a pair of straight leg j …

Top to Toe Camel Look

I love colours, and the fun of mix-n-matching, but sometimes I like to fall safely back to wearing coordinating colours from top to toe, the simple reason being that it makes me look generally more put together and sophisticated than I usually am. 

Monochrome Tones and Dinner at Kiru, Chelsea

A grey outer piece is the best alternative to your everyday black coat. It’s basically still in the same family, just with some added milk. Goes perfectly with black and white piece if you want to go for a monochrome theme like I did the other day. Or you can pair it up with softer hues like pow …

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