Christopher’s at Covent Garden + Cellar Door (Ex-Public Toilet Now Cabaret Bar)

I don’t like to get all sentimental all the time. But every time when I’m around Covent Garden, I feel instantly taken to the past. It was the first place I visited when I came to London 8 years ago. It was my first accommodation when I went to uni 7 years ago — a squeezy shared flat just off the Strand. It was the place I went for meals, shoppings, dates, inspirations, etc. I’ve seen all the street performances around the market more than once. I’ve spent quality times of my incredible youth here. But enough of those. I went for dinner at Christopher’s last evening. I arrived early to take a walk around my Covent Garden, looking at(inspecting, almost) the new shops, making sure that they fit in with the whole place(as if it was any of my business). Then I sat down at the martini bar, and enjoyed a little drink and their rather glamorous interior. As we moved on to dinner, Christopher’s proved its American quality with a menu featuring a wide selection of solid meats, various types of fries, and the signature ‘Surf n Turf’. The dinner was too fulfilling that I had to get a “strong coffee” afterwards at the nearby ex-public-toilet-now-cabaret-bar aka Cellar Door. For such a great night out, I wore: Reversible bomber from Isabel Marant (different colour choice here, Off the shoulder top sold out from & other stories, similar here, Leather trousers similar here(legging version) or here, Shoes bought past season from Marni(also seen in this post), similar styles here and here, Matching necklace and ring from Tasaki balance collection, Bag from Issey Miyake(also seen in a few previous posts)

All You Can Eat In The Shard

We headed for a semi-buffet style lunch at Oblix in the Shard. It featured a menu with a buffet table for your starter and dessert, and you can choose a main from 4-5  options. It was the perfect blend of great views, casual tasty bites and going for seconds on desserts, and only costed 29 pounds each!  Oversized jumper is the obvious choice when you go for a buffet…duhhh! I paired it with a flared scuba skirt just because I was feeling girly. And taking the grey and sparkle from my jumper, I wore the pair of flats from Melissa. Jumper: similar style to be found here, Skirt: similar style to be found here, Flats: Melissa, And the same scarf from Muji and shades from Miu Miu as in this article.

Recipe: Three Cups Chicken (San Bei Ji, 三杯鸡)

This is a signature Taiwanese dish, with a strong taste acquired from basil, sesame, soy sauce and wine. When done right, the chicken is aromatic and tasty, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  But I hate checking out recipes and in the end realising that I can’t possibly gather all the ingredients or don’t own some of the equipments. So here’s a list of all the things you’ll need to cook this delicious Taiwanese treat: Equipment: A stir-fry wok,            A Chinese clay pot Ingredient: 600g Chicken thighs & drumsticks with skins on;(again would be perfect, but I had thigh fillets without skins, luckily there were some fat bits on the chicken, which I separated from the meat and used as the skins)             4-5 Shallots;(are ideal, but I didn’t have any so I mixed some onion and garlic to try to reassemble the taste)              5 pieces of thinly sliced ginger             1-5 Chili peppers(fresh/dry) really depending the size and how spicy they are;             4-6 stems of fresh basil; Seasoning for the sauce: Olive oil 2 tbsp;                          Sesame oil 3 tbsp;                           Soy sauce 5 tbsp;                          Chinese rice wine 米酒/Shaoxing wine 绍兴酒 5tbsp;                          Rock sugar/crystallised sugar 冰糖 2-3 tbsp; And one last fair warning before we get started: this recipe is a real treat. It would not be ideal if you were on a diet and trying to […]

Recipe for Skipped-dinner-but-got-hungry-later-in-the-evening Pasta

First of all, I don’t recommend anyone to eat this at midnight as we did. But man it was delicious, and simple to make! It was about 100g squid ink pasta,              70g raw prawns,              around 8-10 scallops (I got greedy:) )              2-5 cloves of crushed garlic              1/2 cup of finely chopped chives, The sauce was 1 cup of white wine,                1/2 cup of single cream,               reasonable amount of salt, season to suit your taste. Start off by cooking your pasta, just like how you cook any normal pasta. Cook them in boiling water with some salt and olive oil, for 7-10 minutes depending on how hard/soft you like your pasta to be. The seafood sauce is dead easy to make, but feels sophisticated once done! It won’t take more than 5 minutes. So when your pasta’s cooking, take the first 1-2 minutes to bring on your finest knife skill and chop the chives into millimetres.  When you’re done, warm some olive oil in a pan on medium-low heat, and start frying garlic. As the garlic turns golden and you can smell the aroma, place the scallops in the pan, and turn up the heat to medium-high. It is because I’d like my scallops to be a bit gold and crispy on the outside, and Scrumptious not really cooked inside at this moment. Flip each one of them after about half a minute, check if they look the way you want them to be. After 20 seconds, pour in the prawns, and turn up the heat again.  Grab a bottle of white that you […]

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