Pizza In Nice… Why Not?

Pizza in Nice? You probably don’t need a recommendation as such if you’re craving for fine French cuisines, seafood platters or a dozen of snails. But if at one point of your trip, you suddenly feel like spending less than 10 euros for some honest, unpretentious, tasty food, plus a heartwar …

Rex & Mariano, Soho

There are always new places opening up around London especially in Soho. Rex & Maraiano is a seafood paradise that opened on where the old Revolution Bar was. I went in there with a couple of friends the other day, and there’s no better way to visit the place than to go with a few frien …

Perfectly Sliced Beijing Duck in Kensington

Forget all “Shredded Aromatic Duck” or “Peking Style Crispy Duck” from any Chinese takeout shops and restaurants you’ve ever had before. Because they are all shattered when put into comparison with the duck you’ll have in Min Jiang.

Hereford Road On Hereford Road

Finally, a long waited restaurant post! I really should do this more often as I surely dine out QUITE A LOT, and there are so many places I mean to check out! Now put my guilty feelings aside, this is a true local gem if you ever find yourself around Notting Hill and feeling peckish.

Fire and Ice Ramen In London

     London is an amazing city. I’m constantly stunned by its capacity to accommodate new cultures and ideas, while at the same time remaining so “English” at the core.  But let’s talk a bit about fashion first? I have been living in this coat ever since I got it. An oversiz …

The Courtyard & Best Udon In Town

The courtyard in Somerset House is usually where 55 fountains dance happily up and down in the middle. But every twice a year, a big tent is set up on top of them, instead of dancing water, it becomes a place for dancing heels and flashing cameras. It is the London Fashion Week. 

You Are What You Eat

Let’s face it, even with a dozen of shops and cafes within arm’s reach, a pub round the corner and a Michelin starred restaurant down the street, sometimes you still prefer dining at home. Cooking is a major passion in my life, and I can’t think of one thing more important than what you eat and …

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