It’s no news now that burgundy(well, “Masala” to be exact. But they are basically the same thing)has been forecasted the trendiest colour of the year by Pantone. 

I don’t know how Pantone did it(forecasting a colour that everybody must love for the coming year). But if they were to take a public vote, I’d probably have voted for burgundy anyway. I personally have always loved the colour. It’s a more different and fun colour to wear than black/grey, but almost goes with everything as well. I was lucky to have snapped this synthetic leather coat in burgundy from the Zara sale. Unfortunately it’s not listed on their website. But there might be more in some of the shops, so please go and try your luck if you like it. Otherwise, I’ve found some equally great pieces in this colour for you here:
For rest of the outfit, I wore: