Blue, White and Red + Feeding Frenzy in Soho

This was my last outfit during LFW.

I don’t believe in dressing out of character for anything(nope, not even for fancy dress parties). Putting on clothes that you would normally wear on any other day, clothes that tell who you are and are what your friends and family see you in, is always my top rule when it comes to dressing for fashion week too.



For the XIAOLI catwalk show on the last day of LFW, I went for my all time love: fringe. And I paired it with a knitted midi skirt with vertical stripes that matched the flow of all the fringing on my coat.




// Fringed Suede Jacket from Sandro on // (also worn in this post)
// White Shirt with Pockets from ASOS Premium SALE //
// Stripe Skirt (similar) from ASOS //
// Knitted Midi Skirt (similar) from ASOS SALE //
// Black Flats (equally loved) from & Other Stories SALE //
// Shoulder Bag from Matter Matters // (also worn in this post)
or similarly cool:
// Red Gloss Eye-let Clutch from Redvalentino on //






And did I tell you that after the last show of LFW, it can be the most hungry time of the…well, of a while. Desperately in need of a coffee boost, I stumbled upon the shop of sin: Ma’ Plucker. Somehow thinking of ordering just a tea/coffee, I got drawn in by the over-friendly looking little shop of Ma’ Plucker, and ordered myself a FRIED CHICKEN…WHAT?

I was sitting there, gutted by my weakness in front of the fried sinful chicken for a bit. But once the dish came, I did not regret the decision anymore. It was the most tasty fried chicken that I’d had in a long time. Crispy and not too oily, the gravy was sweet from the chicken oil, and aromatic from all the mixed herbs in there. It was a piece of most sophisticated fried chicken. Well done! I applaud you Ma’ Plucker, I do.




And yes, finally I ordered a coffee which was the reason I went in there.

Later on that evening, we went for dinner at Engawa just near by in Ham Yard. It’s an authentic Japanese kitchen in Piccadilly, which holds the license to sell Kobe beef. Do I need to say more?





The concept of Engawa feels like a contemporary/western take on traditional Japanese cuisine. The basic set menu features a 7 dish appetiser that comes in a square bento(very instagramable!). Then a Kobe beef steak being the main event. Followed by your choice of either desserts or mixed nigiri sushi. A great little introductory tour if you’re new to the world of Japanese food(which is a wonderful world if you read about my Japan trip)