Best(one of the many) Dinner in Paris – Pottoka, and Its Lamb

Here you go, the ultimate LAMB. Slow roasted with razor clams, new potatoes, artichokes and asparagus. Brought out sizzling and steaming to our table at Pottoka, this unassuming little restaurant tucked away near the Eiffel tower on Rue de L’Exposition. <

I’m sorry for the spoiler right at the beginning. But as a true lover of lamb, this dish broke my record for “how tasty lamb can be”. Entering the restaurant, it was a tiny place that sat no more than 30 people(and all rather squeezed together). No fancy interior or high brow customers, the warm and welcoming waiting staff brought all the charm to the place, I mean, that’s before the food took over.




Hoop earrings(similar) from a few choices below:

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The pork chop arrived as one of the mains. It was packed with flavours and a lovely smokiness umami. But nothing, nothing in the world would have beaten the tasty lamb I’d had that evening. The meat was soft and tender and juicy, detached from the bone the second your fork would touch it. All the flavour went into the meat, both the lamb and the calm and the veggies absorbed the amazing flavours from each other. On top of these, I guess luckily both the artichoke and razor clam happened to also be my favourite veggie and seafood. Everything adding up together, I was in a food heaven.

And just as I thought I’d was on the very top of the world with that lamb dish, there was something else on the way to rock my evening to yet another level. I went for a dessert of poached pear and honey ice cream, with caramel crisps and chocolate. Let me tell you, that dessert, was something that could potentially turn me into an actual dessert person. Nothing overly sweet or chocolaty. Everything modestly complemented each other to bring out a beautiful dish, that’s entirely on another level. I could easily have this everyday, but that’d be too dangerous for me health. For a moment I was glad that I didn’t live in Paris.


And let’s not forget the mango sorbet too. Beautifully presented and equally delicious.


The next time you visit Paris, remember to visit Pottoka (and remember that you can book via Trip Adviser directly too). You can thank me later:)