Best Colours for a Tropical Getaway

untitled-1 Not so long ago(two weeks) I hopped on a short but sweet cruise trip around south China and Vietnam.  Being the first ever cruise experience for both me and the brand new Genting dream cruise liner,  we had a lot of exploring to do. An unparalleled panoramic ocean view breakfast, stylish tents and benches for me to soak in some much needed sun on, unlimited cocktails that came with the suit, state of the art facilities at the gym with personal trainers available to book, sauna rooms facing the endless blue, and not to mention an almost always empty pool and 4 different jacuzzi baths(also exclusive to the suit guests, hence always quite serene and empty)… there’s really much more than what I could count, but let’s leave some of that for the next post, and let me show you two outfits that I loved wearing, and got so many compliments while on the boat. img_4186 img_4187

I could have been well inspired by the colour palette of the ocean and sky, and both of these outfits consisted the colour blue and white. While the most common outfit choice I spotted on the cruise are bright coloured dresses/kaftans, I decided to go for a lot of denim and a clean colourway(especially during day time) through out the styling to keep things modern and youthful. img_4197 img_4215 img_4305 img_4313 img_4296 img_4268 img_4239 img_4792 img_4878 img_4901 img_4995 img_4977

Here’s the majestic cruise liner that took  almost 6,000 people on board, with a staff to guest ratio of 2:3. The reason we went on the trip was actually because my dear friend Jacky was the artist whose work went on the body of the whole ship.  It was simply breathtaking. img_5045 untitled-2 img_5018

Outfit 1:


Outfit 2: