Before Party Starts

Christmas is officially just 2 sleeps away, and afterwards is of course the new year. Heading to all kinds of parties and get-togethers in your beautiful dresses, you’ll need a coat to keep you warm all the way before and after the parties(and it almost goes without saying: to keep you in style as well). 

An exaggerated coloured fur coat is an ideal investment piece for such occasions. I luckily scored this beautiful piece from the Preen sample sale, which is also on sale at the moment in another colour here.
I’ve also selected a few faux fur pieces here, which are all of amazing values that I personally wouldn’t mind adding to my collection this season as well.
Apart from the coat, the rest of my outfit included:

Now with the fashion bits out of the way, this is something of a completely different topic: Pho!
It’s never the kind of place you’d imagine coming across in Chelsea. But there it is, tucked in well behind a flower stall opposite the Old Chelsea Town Hall. Phat Phuc Noodle Bar is the kind of place that will take you away instantly from wherever you are, and straight to a busy street market in Vietnam. Half way to your Christmas shopping/(just) shopping, this is the best place to have a sit down and get cosy with a generous amount of pho(vietnamese rice noodles)in your choice of delicious hot soup. 

It’s almost inevitable to have way too much noodles/soup at a place like this. Some post-meal-walk around the elegant & well decorated neighbourhood is without doubt the best exercise of the sort.