Back to Mono

Starting a blog is a learning curve for me.

Multi-tasking to the max and carrying several cameras around all the time is something I’m slowly getting use to.

But there are just some mysteries about being a blogger that I have yet to find out about:

1. How do all fellow fashion bloggers pose in public without feeling great pressure from the people passing by?

2. After taking tens and sometimes hundreds(well, an exaggeration but you get the picture) of food shots, is it just me or does everyone else eat cold meals by the end of it?

However, I’m loving this. And let me stop complaining and hopefully get you some outfit inspirations.

Silk dress from H&M TREND, similar styles click here or here.
White jumper from Mango, and similar style here.
Bracelet also from Mango, watch from Links(in a different colour), Tote bag from Issey Miyake Baobao, and shoes you’ve seen in previous post “Take me on vacation”  from DKNY.