Ariving In Valbonne, South France

After almost 9 hours of travelling from Kefalonia, finally I set my foot in my beautiful and cosy French home, found on Airbnb as I fell instantly in love with its pool, which looked only better in reality than on the screen of my(and now your) laptop. 

In the morning I eagerly put on my white crochet dress which never got worn on the sailing trip, and carried my new bag(then) bought in the tax free in one of the airports during my transits to Nice for some outfit pictures. Location? The POOL! Of course.

// Crochet Dress from ASOS now in the SALE //
// Le Pilage Heritage (Black) from Longchamp on //
// Bangles Set from Made on ASOS // (also seen in this post)
// Gladiator Black Sandals from Melissa on ASOS //

And the town of Valbonne itself was so charming, lively and picture-perfect. The planning of the town centre was very closely knitted, all these narrow roads filled with market stalls first in the morning but later cleared out to reveal all these beautiful little boutiques, restaurants and cafes. I felt so extremely comfortable walking around, shopping away, had my nails done, salad eaten…everything felt just right. Living in as amazing a city as London, I could easily imagine myself even moving to this town for good. Yep, I’ve said it! And that’s how good Valbonne is. 

There’s this shop, I’ve forgot about its name now(that’s how irresponsible I am as a blogger oops!). But it was the perfect shop for a girl like me! It was girly, romantic, and full of locally sourced, many hand-crafted, organic and unique products ranging from candles to soaps, hand creams to dinnerwares. 

Now if any of you reading this is lucky enough to pay a visit soon to Valbonne, I’ve not gotten the name of the shop for you. But as little as the town is, I’m sure you will stumble upon it somehow. And if it helps, below is a picture of how it should look like right opposite of the shop. If that’s not enough clue, I don’t know what is 🙂

After the lovely day spent in town, I was a little reluctant but at the same time excited to leave for the pool party/pre-wedding drinks at friend’s family olive farm. Again, great pool, and this time with a giant floating swan… What really can I ask for more?