Argostoli, Kefalonia

Time past faster on ‘Enjoy’ than anywhere else. Soon it was time for our last stop which was back to the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli. 

It was time to embrace civilisation again after drifting so long by ourselves on the ocean and camping on deserted islands. How I missed strolling on tiled pavements, window shopping, cars, supermarkets…everything that was ordinary suddenly felt lovely and endearing. 

Feeling peckish in the afternoon with so many restaurants to choose from, I was really feeling spoiled. We finally decided to sit down at Captain’s Table, a local restaurant that already had two branches within the little town of Argostoli. We chose the seafront branch, the decoration was stylish and (of course) themed around boats and sailing. The seafood plate was wonderful, and the grilled meats were right on point.

After meal, we returned to ‘Enjoy’ to enjoy the last bit of time with the boat that had been our little home for the past two weeks. Watching one last sunset on the deck as the wind blew through my hair and body, I was really soaking it all in.
The Ionian sea treated us all so well this time. Amazing weather, unreal scenery, crystal blue water, lovely people, fresh fruits and vegetables, indulging Greek Yogurt every morning, etc. I’m definitely coming back for more. So until next time…