Arashiyama Boats to Sanjo Roads

I live in London, and I love the city for a well balanced city scape with a mixture of busy streets and serene parks and greens. And to me, any city that’s great to live in needs a good blend of things. Especially when it comes to what various locations have to offer. A short trip(20-30 mins by car from city centre) to the west of Kyoto, Arashiyama, will show you exactly that.

The morning started off with a heated last-minute-running-on-the-platform-catching-the-traditional-mountain-route-train from Saga(嵯峨野) station. Once we successfully board the train, everything was peaceful and quiet, as if we stepped back in time.

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Inspired by the train ride, we decided to go all “retro” with a horse carriage trip to the boat station.



And a quick lunch of delicious grilled fish on rice, sold at the waiting area before the boat trip, to give a little boost of energy preparing for the boat.(later on I only realised how much I needed it)





A minor warning before you decide you go on the boat trip: if you’re all about health and safety, don’t take the boat.

It is a great 1 hour or so, bumpy, adventurous, and WET boat ride. The skillful boatmen would anchor with a huge bamboo stick, and take you around some of the most exhilarating river bends. Basically you need to put one hand on the rail, the other securing the water resistant cover over your laps, and the third and fourth hand to raise the camera occasionally to snap some pictures of the breathtaking views. You’ll manage.



Anyways, finally you would reach back near the Arashiyama high street again, if you survived. And there you can reward yourself with some tasty treats before heading back to the centre.


Kyoto Sanjo(三条)is an area packed with little hidden gems behind the main streets. Beautiful architectures, cosy izakayas, restaurants, quaky shops, trendy boutiques…something equivalent to Covent Garden in London.




Printed blouse(sold out from Whistles)

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Mid length short trousers
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Wedge sandals
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You can never get bored walking around Sanjo.

Fashion boutique in a renovated traditional house.

Americano with a garden view.


I’m obsessed with this make-up brush display until today(might have dreamed about it a little too).

Sanjo Paul Smith tailoring in case I was missing a bit of London.

Two different worlds, 30 minutes away, within one city. That’s what Kyoto is all about.