You’ll know you’ve found a gem when you see a shop like this one. A little humble looking shop without much fancy lighting or signage to attract your attention(simply cause it doesn’t need to). But if you care to look inside, you’ll find a packed house even when the street is quiet and empty.

People don’t mind squeezing into the tiny space to have a quick meal, or queueing for 5-10 mins just to get a pack of pasta or a cup of coffee. It’s often the owner himself(and his wife/kids/staff) who’s serving you. And he doesn’t care if the queue was getting ridiculously lengthy, he chats with every customer as if they were two long lost friends. 
If you stay in there for longer and take a look around, you will see undressed walls; or some other walls dressed, but with something much like a child’s scribble; unmatching dining ware and cutleries; or even ice-cream freezer filled with vegetables… all of which only shout:”They have incredible food!” 
So if you get the clues and decide to stay and order some food(you’d be a fool not to), I recommend…everything! If I have to be more specific, I meant, roast vegetables, HAM slices(I gave you the hint there), gnocchi, lasagne, salad, sandwiches….so basically, just anything you feel in the mood for. And the sweets! Oh the sweets! You see I’m not a sweets person, but there you go.
Anyways, not like they need to be any more crowded… but here‘s their information on Google plus in case you want to go and see what all the fuss is about:)

Fashion wise, I wore:

// Jacket(similar) from Unreal Fur //

Now I really want to recommend this brand for its quality, style and value. Here I’ve picked a few of my favourite for you to choose, all on SALE!!!
// White & Black Two Tone Jacket // Fluffy Teddy Style Grey Coat // Glamorous Red Wine Colour(no worries if you spill on it) Evening Jacket //

Apart from the jacket, the rest of my outfit was:
// Silk Shirt(similar) from ASOS //
// Trousers(similar) from Monki on ASOS //
// Fur Hat(similar) from New Look //
// Tiger Scarf from Cleo //
// Chelsea Boots from M&S //
// Envelope Clutch(similar) from ASOS //

Have I mentioned that the delicatessen is in Angel? Well if I haven’t then there you go. What I want to say is, Angel is one of my favourite places to spend an aimless day wondering around in. There are plenty of interesting shops to discover, like this one called “Get Stuffed” (like, literately!) And the locals there are interesting too. By that I mean, they dress their dogs with people’s clothing, and bring a guitar to play while driving around in a white van.(I’m sure you get the picture, but if not, I’ve taken some for you as well:) VISIT ANGEL!)