All-Year Wardrobe


In October, we took hubby’s family to a lovely cottage in Wales for a relaxing country break. I found the perfect little place searching on a website called Sugar and Loaf . I’ve never come across this website before. But if I was ever to look for a countryside vacation, be it a galmping experience or a luxurious boutique stay, I will surely be revisiting Sugar and Loaf.

So we took a clumsy decision to arrive at our cottage after dark. Being all exclusive and tucked away, we got lost about 5 times looking for our accommodation. Finally when we arrived, it was luckily, worth all the fuss.  When the morning sunshine hit the cottage, everything lit up with great pride. The interior fittings to the cottage was everything I could have dreamed about a country life: an AGA heated kitchen, a pool table, a handful of old-fashioned fireplaces, rustic wooden beams that supported the ceiling, an outdoor Jacuzzi, etc.

What fits in better than little daisies with a countryside theme? Thank god I never really put my summer wardrobe away, ever. Lovely piece like this Liberty daisy print jersey dress is definitely worth styling for more than just one season. img_2169dsc03013 dsc03016 img_2174dsc03095 dsc03025 img_2171 img_2609 img_2240ed img_2264ed img_2376ed img_2418ed

Similar styles

Rest of the outfit:

// Fleece Long-sleeve Top from Uniqlo //

// Elizabeth Cord Blazer from Boden //

// Shetland Wool Jacket fro La Redoute // (40% off blackfriday)

// Hunter Original Wellington Boots // (20% off)

// Leather Backpack from Beara Beara //

// Wool Hat from La Redoute //

img_2471ed img_2170 And when the day’s done, we topped up the woods in the fireplaces, opened a bottle of red wine, brought out the cheese and snuggled up with the dogs on the couch. I could do this all year round. 🙂

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