You could still be fighting with the early Autumn with t-shirts and dresses, but I’ve got my coat on. And may I say, the best coat for walking around London town. 

This coat is a true bargain and a rare find in the Burberry factory store in Hackney. The 100% silk coat was part of the Burberry Prorsum 2014 pre fall collection, and is unfortunately, nowhere to be found on any major website now. I picked it up in the factory shop and immediately fell for the print and the texture of the fabric. It was the only piece of this style left at the shop and magically in my size! (Oh, the great joy of outlet shopping!)

So I took my “London Coat” out for a walk in London(Don’t we all?), and didn’t use google map at all!

London themed or not, a fun print overcoat is always something to cheer you up when you feel the summer heat starts slipping away. Along this line, here are a few cheerful printed coats for you(not that they can be as amazing as my wearable map, but…):

And as for the rest of my outfit,
Not that you’d care what I wore underneath, but FYI: