A Quick Evening Out Outfit

I always try to make plans early and take time to think about what to wear, and enjoy the couple of hours showering, putting on makeup, and getting ready for my evening plans. Be it a dinner with friends, a trip to the theatre or other social events. But having the time to plan and prepare for a evening out is simply not feasible all the time. And this outfit was something that I had to create under one of those circumstances.

A perfectly fitted dress with a flared hem line is a type of cut that’s flattering to most body features. So no wonder it’s an instant go-to piece when it comes to choosing what to wear for a evening out. And the colour navy may be the next most versatile colour to black, especially when it comes to evening wear. It’s just a little more colourful than black or grey, and it can always be dressed up or down, formal or casual, with your choice of accessories.

So basically, a fitted, flattering dress; a colourful, fun coverup; and a pair of metallic heels — easy to recreate, and I’m sure will be appropriate and interesting for most occasions you have in your diary. What’s your own version of a go-to evening out outfit?