A Place(Piece) Of Many Talents

In a vibrant modern city like London, the dynamic of the place is always shifting. East London nowadays is just like how west London was in the 60s–full of young artists, adventurous entrepreneurs, exciting new ideas and some of the coolest, most fashionable and openminded individuals. Taking a walk around Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Brick Lane…there will be plenty of inspirational, mind-opening encounters along the way. It is a true wonderland for any creative mind.

I wore this lovely reversible bomber jacket from Isabel Marant. It’s got this lovely girly pink, satin like side; and the other edgy, black & white, geometric print side, perfect for when the situation gets too cool for the girly pink!(or if you want to lose a creepy stalker on the street) Unfortunately I can’t find the same piece for sale anywhere. So I’ve picked a few other girly bomber jackets all really cute, but only you can’t get rid off the stalker by wearing the reverse. 
Girly bomber jacket: budget choicepayday treatpayday treat X2
Dark jersey dress(similar): H&M
Body chain(similar):
Over-the-knee boots(although you can’t see my knees here): Aldo
Sunglasses(similar): Ted Baker

We first stopped at this cafe to have a haircut. Wait, am I getting this right? Oh yes, we went for a haircut where coffee, as well as Korean food is served. That’s the spirit of east London! Hurwundeki is a cafe, restaurant, hair salon and event space all in one located in a railway arch.(and they used to sell clothes too) They offer a express service to all male customers, 15 mins per head, 9 pounds. You go in, write your name on the blackboard, and wait to be called. So simple!

As my man finished his quick makeover, we wondered off to the funky backstreet gallery of Shoreditch, full of street arts, fresh air and free of charge. More and more shops and restaurants also decided to make east London their home, and I’m telling you they are often the good ones! So you know where to go if you want to spend some money:)