A Morning Run in Arashiyama, Kyoto

After a few too-good-to-be-full(true) meals, my sense of guilt creeped out(which usually doesn’t exist), and I decided to go for a morning run in around the hotel in Arashiyama.

Turns out, early morning may well be the best time to visit Arashiyama. This is when all the plants, trees, temples are washed in bright golden sunlight. The tourists crowd has not emerged on the streets. Everything is just as peaceful, magical and serene as they can be.

Didn’t bring a proper jogging gear with me, but I went for the trusted Wildfox sweatshirt. If you haven’t tried the brand, just know that it will be the softest, lightest sweatshirt you’ll ever put on. You’ll literately run a little fast & jump a little higher in it(no exaggeration).

// Quilted Jacket (tied at waist) wore and linked Here //

You’ve all the beautiful sights and oxygen filled fresh air to yourself. Plus, there’s no random passersby in the background of you pictures, ever. Get up early(around 7am, nothing extreme) once in Arashiyama and explore the place, I’m telling you it’s so worth it!

As I got a little peckish from the exercise, one little street stall was just opening up that was selling a generous range of local foods including: fresh tofu, dumplings, soup noodles, curry bread(must try!), etc. So I had my first street steamed tofu. It felt completely unreal and I loved every bit of it: the taste of the tofu, the empty street, the morning chill… everything! 

On the way back to the hotel, more shops was prepping/ already opened. We picked up a coffee on the way, which I thought tasted rather amazing. I thought it was partly because of my all chuffed up mood, but turned out it was actually (some say, and i quote) “the best coffee in Japan”(%Arabica Coffee)

Just for mornings like this, I’d be happy to stay in Arashiyama forever!