Quite rarely, there would be a restaurant which you could go for a few times and experience a whole new world every time. Sketch in Mayfair is a unique existence like that. 

Being the third time there for myself, I was drawn by the Lunch set menu in the lecture room/ library that come with an exhibition ticket together for 49 pounds. Sounded like a fair deal anywhere, especially considering the two Michelin starred kitchen, plus a whole new unexplored interior wonder within the building!

I kept my expectation to a minimum as one would for any bundle/bargain deal. But soon after being led through a (usually) gated staircase to this grand room filled by a dozen not-too-shabby-looking waiters, I knew the bar needed to be raised.
A selection of Champaign was rolled to me as soon as I was seated. Then it was poured into the glass up high, allowing a great view of the domed roof as well as the bubbles. 

My gallery ticket (then to the Summer Exhibition, and now to the Ai WeiWei at the RA) waited for me by the table.

So the menu was set, with a choice of your main from a selection of three. A choice was quickly made, and there came some starters before the starters.

Arancini, seaweed crackers with wasabi mousse, martini jellies, sea bass sashimis and parmesan cookies. All extremely tasty and were washed down with the champaign in no time.

In the short interval between the starters-before-starters and our real starters, there was literately only time to take two swift snaps of the room. And a selection of four starters were presented before us, filling up the whole table. 

There were the rabbit pate, grilled leek, sliced aubergine and cured sea bream. Scraping up all the plates clockwise with little help from the bread, I felt a main course might not be necessary at that point. So I decided to take a little sightseeing tour around to the rest of the restaurant, which might help digest some of those starters. 

I ventured out to two toilets and two other rooms, snapping away at the all-too-instagrammable interior. 

I was back and the mains soon came to the table. Either the tasty food or the short walk helped, but my mouth was immediately watering. 
I had Scottish flank steak with lemon basmati rice, and friend chose brazed cod with orange glazing. There was a vegetarian choice, but none of us went for it that day. 

After the main, a selection of more than 20 different cheeses were again, rolled to us. Our waiter explained them one by one, and I finally made my choice despite feeling confusingly spoiled somewhere in the middle of that process. 

Together with the cheese, the dessert selection also included almond bread, cinnamon crackers and fruit sorbets. 

We all had some tea/coffee and took the lunch right over 3 o’clock, it was perfect to stay on for an afternoon tea straight away(and we totally would) if we didn’t have an exhibition to catch!

And afternoon workout sorted too! How thoughtful!

(All outfit details will come in a separate post later:) until then…)