A Little Present

There’s some sort of a baby boom going on at the moment for sure. There are five babies popping out between August and September this year from just the people I know.

When you hear that someone’s having a baby, the best thing is that you get to buy some of the cutest but most ridiculous/useless baby related products as presents. And I can’t even begin to count the presents like that lying around my house from when Jade was born.

But this time I want to give something really special and meaningful(and not taking half of the space in a room). So I decide to shoot some maternity photographs for my friend Clare.

She’s expecting her baby in the end of August. And last week when she was in her antenatal class, one lady’s water broke and got sent straight into the delivery room. And that’s when we decided it might be a good time to have Clare’s photo shoot session done ASAP!

As a first-time maternity photographer, I learned my lessons during the process of the shoot. And here are a few tips I’d like to share with other amateurs like me.
– Talk to your client about her personality, style and hobbies. Since I’d already knew Clare so well, I didn’t have to do this. But it is something vitally important. Clare is one of the most cheerful people I know, always light hearted and happy(despite the pregnancy mood swings). We’ve got a lot of common interests, like fashion, design, photography… both love sunshine(you’ll surprised when you find out how few Chinese people actually like being in the sun).You want to make sure that her personality shines through, so her pictures won’t be like anyone else’s. 
– Look after your client’s mood. Even I was shooting my best friend, I still had to keep making sure that she was comfortable with what she was wearing, and not feeling awkward with the pose that I put her in. Because once the model loses her confidence for just one second, it’ll show in the pictures ten times worse.
– Hands on the bump.Really. I had been wondering why in all those maternity photos, the mums had to be touching their own bellies. Such a cliche! But soon enough into the shoot, I realised how important it was to do that. Because no matter how big that bump was, as long as you weren’t completely naked and putting it out there, it was so easy to miss the point and focus of the picture. It is true. Try, and you’ll know what I’m talking about!
– Experiment with different ideas, angles and compositions. Because, so what if it doesn’t work? You might get something that could surprise you!
– And when you’re at the stage of editing, make that picture brighter, and then, even brighter. Especially if it was a indoor picture when the model wasn’t with much clothing, normal exposure and contrast would not work under this circumstance. You’d always prefer your pictures to look a bit unreal and dreamy rather than homemade porn-ish. 

Clare’s dress in the park from ASOS, sunnies from House of Holland, necklace in the picture lying in bed from Mawi(similar), light blue blouse from ASOS(similar), Denim shorts from ASOS(similar)