A Humble Start

So here it is, finally. 

After feeling a bit lost and discouraged from researching on the technical Hacked side of blog building, I thought I’d better quickly write something before getting completely fed up and give up on this whole blogging thing!

I am one with many passions for what life holds for us. IT, unfortunately not being on the list obviously. I love art and fashion, love seeing the beauty in different things. I love exploring different places, foods, culture and lifestyles, and eventually put a bit of everything that I like in my own life. 

I’ll talk about all these in my blog, so if you happen to join the conversation between me and this blog, I hope you’ll find some reason, any reason, to come back again and again. ?

And please pardon my English, as it is just not what made I grew up speaking. I’ll try and keep my typings to a minimum, and flood the blog with beautiful/ funny/ heart-warming/ awkward pictures as much as I can. 

Just two months ago, I had my second wedding. Same marriage, but jerseys a second wedding. Apparently, our family back in China was not happy about our small, intimate, just between close friends wedding in London back in 2012. Now almost 2 years later, they had everything planned and flew us back home, to attend this extravagant, full-on traditional/western style wedding. I’m cheap jerseys China sure you can imagine how it was like. There were of course 800 guests, 100 tables, and of course we knew about 50 of them.
And how do you call it a wedding if you don’t have a 3D tower bridge popping up in the backdrop?

I had 5 change of outfits within the 2 hours. 2 were brought back to China myself, be one red with a wholesale mlb jerseys very sexy back view from forever unique. The other was the flowery cheap jerseys one How I wore for pictures with friends from lipsy. Similar styles can be found here. For those who don’t have a supermodel kind of body, I say fishtail is our friend.

PS. and why does the last picture refuse to line up with the rest? Anyone? I need a IT technician for sure.