A Glimpse of Heaven at Jancing Historic Trail, Taiwan

This hiking route, located on one of the highest mountains in Taiwan, is unarguably, the place that resembles what heaven would look like in my mind the most.  The drive up to the top is very exhilarating itself with a few dozens of hairpin bands, made even more exciting with the occasional foggy parts. One advise I can give is to buy a lunch bento to take up to the top with you. It will be one of the most unforgettable lunches you’ve had in a long time.  The trail used to be a wood-cutting factory, and there were internal mini railways for transporting the material out. The factory and the railways are now of course abandoned. They are now homes for the most beautiful moss and mini rain forests. The unexpected mixture of wild nature and men-made features together create a scene that’s out of this world.

Apart from all these, there are now a few newly built suspension bridges connecting where the original routes have collapsed. A walk on the bridge where the other end could barely be seen in the cloud, really pumps up one’s adrenaline too. It is an experience that can’t be missed.