A For Art, B For Baguette

As long as you plan your day in Paris making sure some “A” and “B” are included, then the day can’t go too bad.

The Garden of Rodin Musuem is a pleasant little place no matter you’re an art lover or not. It’s reasonably sized, comes with a cafe that serves great refreshment, and of course, piece after piece of some of the most breathtaking work of sculptures.
Trying to blend in with the environment, I wore:

After a good dose of brain food for the day, we stopped at a rather different garden done by Ralph, snuggled up with way too many cushions and throws, and had some real comfort food. After which we got a fresh baguette at a busy-ish looking local bakery, ordered a good wine, and had them in the hotel bed while having The Hobbit playing on the TV. Well, judge me all you want, but sometimes a little break in between the hard-core traveling is quite essential, don’t you agree?