A Double Life

Last Wednesday came like any other wednesdays, but for all Chinese and some other asian countries, it was the Lunar New Year. Living in the UK, you start to forget about the Lunar New Year until the moment your parents call and tell you are are planning to come and celebrate it together.

I said yes to a kind invitation from Nuffnang for a cake decoration class with Konditor and Cook, which fell coincidentally on the same day as the Lunar New Year. At the time I’d completely forgotten about the new year dinner I’d planned with the family, which clashed time with the class. Well, so I went to both.

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, I had to inject some red into the outfit-it’s just equivalent to the novelty jumpers around Christmas time. 

// Coat(similar) from Alexander Wang on //  
// Quilted Denim Jacket(similar) from Gap //
// Orange/Red Cami Top(similar) from Ted Baker //
// Knee Ripped Jeans from ASOS //
// NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Leather Patchwork Boots(similar) from D&G //
// Faux Fur Snood from ASOS //
// Black Bucket Bag(similar) from ZARA //
// Headphones from Parrot on //

At 7 in the evening, the class started in the original Konditor and Cook shop in Waterloo. If you haven’t yet heard of the shop, then either you’re not a Londoner, or you’re a hater of sweets. It’s been around since 1993. Set up by the famous cake creator Gerhard Jenne who created cakes for celebrities in the 90’s. It now has several branches around town, in Spitalfield Market, Borough Market and a couple other locations

To be honest(and if you read my blog), I’m not a sweets person. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the kind of person who’d skip dessert or just go for a cheese board at the end of a meal. And I almost never have cravings for sugar or dessert. 

But still, cake for me is more of a sentimental existence. There are too many occasions that wouldn’t be complete without a cake. Tasting delicious and looking stunning are both extremely important elements of a good cake. And that’s exactly what Konditor and Cook offers. 

After a few parmesan cookies and some chitchat, our group of bloggers(who all happened to be complete beginners at cake decorating) started with learning to make piping bags and stuffing them with different colours of icing.

Everything seemed to be a piece of cake(of course) for our “cake master”. But bloggers aren’t the easiest group of people to talk to or simply be around. Their minds often drift to other places, and they can start taking pictures any time, any where. Fortunately, with much love and patience from our lovely “cake master”, we all successfully managed to make some, despite a few accidents and melt-downs along the way.

After that, it was time to get all creative. Knowing ourselves, we knew that’s what we specialised in. 

After a few practices, everybody became SO GOOD at it! And as the time came for the main event of decorating the signature Curly Whirly cake, it was sadly, the time for me to leave early to attend my new year dinner with the family as well. But I got to take with me all my creations, some tasty nibbles, a copy of the K&C cake recipe book, and an undecorated Curly Whirly cake.

The treats from K&C fitted in nicely to my snack corner at home(which is going to be perfect for when family and friends visit during the new year period). And I even received a certificate from attending the class! I don’t care but I’m going to frame it and have it hang in my kitchen.

Now I’d never have thought that I’d make a cake rather than dumplings on the day of the Chinese New Year. But having done it, I can say it’s the best fun you can ever have. Of course, the people you go with make up half of the fun too. And I was in the best company I could ever ask for. Many many thanks to the K&C cake shop, and fellow bloggers:
Jesse from / @jesselili 
Emma from / @bloomzy_ on Twitter
Ferren from / @ferrengipson on Twitter
Lisa from / @notquiteenough on Twitter
Miho from / @MihoWTW on Twitter
Reema from / @Reema_Beri on Twitter
Tea from / @teawashere_ on Twitter

V.A from / @iamchopstick on Twitter