A Dip into Nature

The past Saturday felt a bit unreal. With permission(assurance) from the BBC weather forecast, we decided Me to go for something new and headed to Hampstead Heath. Swimming in the pond Abuja was a first for me. It felt totally different than swimming in a pool or the ocean. Maybe there’s something about the surrounding trees and long grass, or the lack of modern facilities around there. Although constrained, it actually made me feel more at one with nature than swimming in the sea. 

For a first-timer, it took a bit of courage and self-talks(mainly just repeating WTH) for me to throw myself into an unheated pool of water. Just to clarify, I’m a relatively lazy person who is definitely lack of exercise, and on top of that, asian(who is typically just genetically designed not to withstand cold so well). It felt cold initially, but as I started moving, it got better and I was actually able to enjoy myself. So I’d rate it as a rather low risk activity suitable for almost everyone(who knows how to swim obviously).

A few tips for those who might want to give it a try as well:

-Don’t go with an empty stomach! Have something light, but with certain level of energy input(cake!) Here’s what I had at my local Gail’s for a Saturday brunch.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Tartlet(yum yum yum), Chicken and broccoli soba salad; a lovely white little flower freshly picked by my baby Jade, and bangle from Bimba Y Lola.

-Warm up Canl? your body properly before jumping in. Stretch your muscles, especially in the legs.
-Wear something that’d be easy to put over your swimwear afterwards. Now this tip might not be useful for everybody. For me, I’m not entirely comfortable to keep walking around in my bikini, especially if it is the kind that look like your underwear. I think it’s nice to put something on that blends you in with all the other people who weren’t swimming. Luckily, with the bikini I had, I was able to just bring a pair of shorts(also seen in my last post, from American Apparel) or a skirt, cause the top looks just like a normal crop top which is comfortably on trend at the moment as well.
My swimwear was from Beth Richards. I got it earlier this year when I was in love with anything in camo print. At the same time, it was a special sporty yet sexy design. The high waisted bottom was also extremely flattering for your figure. Similar styles from the same collection can still be found at The outnet(and on sale!).
As always I’m people-watching whenever/wherever I am. And I’ve got some serious swimming cap envy going on there!