A Birthday Dinner At L’Atelier(And Why I’m Not Running A Food Blog)

October is a happy month. Not only because by the end of it we get to have something almost impossible to get: extra time!(I personally am always fascinated by the philosophical significance of this clock change thing, but more on that later, maybe). But also both me and my significant half’s birthdays fall into this magical month when the leaves turn red then yellow then fall. Anyways, someone’s birthday came first, and we just had to celebrate with a good meal!
I have been to L’Atelier plenty of times before, but only to the terrace bar, never actually really had any proper food yet. 
We sat on the ground floor bar seatings inspired by the Japanese counter style. The chefs worked from a distance but just close enough so you get all the excitements from the busy kitchen but still get a quiet and private space to enjoy your food and wine.
The menu featured a vast variety of French/Japanese fusion dishes, many of which made my mouth water just by looking at the description of them.
The kind waiter suggested us to order 3-4 starters each before moving on to mains. We took a glance at the menu, and immediately decided to skip the main and order 10 starters between us!(seriously too good to choose just a few) Now as a dedicated food blogger, I really should report on every single dish I had with a description at length and a great picture. But you see I major in “fashion” blogging for a reason, that being I almost always raise my fork/chopsticks before raising the camera. Despite every attempt to fight my foodie instinct, I only managed to catch 3 starters and a dessert on camera. (The rest went straight into my stomach unfortunately)

The vegetable skewers were grilled to perfection. It was the best first course, light and full of freshness.

That sea bream tartar’s presentation made me whip out the camera at first instance. The fish was cut paper thin. Every piece melted as soon as it was put into the mouth.

Their lamb was milk-fed, fried to seal all the tenderness within that bite size shapes.

The dessert, I was sold by the mere appearance of it. Peachy mousse, ice-cream and fruity pieces were locked in that thin layer of lovely caramelised golden ball. 

There goes my first restaurant review/food blogging attempt. If you are still not impressed, I can only say that at least I’ll definitely be back there.