4 ways to wear socks with sandals+heels this winter

Who knew a pair of socks could bring such joy? Even for the most “creative” and “forward-thinking” bunch in the fashion industry, an outfit that’s consisted of socks and heels can sometimes put a frown on one’s face.  “Fugly”, is what’s usually associated with the idea of a pair of socks with heels or sandals. But I was thinking, how else do we bring down the cost per wear of a pair of lovely designer summer shoes, if we have to put those away for the majority time of a year? (say you live in a place with climate similar to … London) And plus, if Sam Claflin encouraged it, what else could stop you? So out went my box of socks one day,  and with pleasant surprise, I might have found a few easy and basic ways to make the pairing work. 

  1. Warm & Earthy Tones: a pair of cozy beige/nude socks go so well with a similar coloured pair of heels/ sandals. The edges all blend together, and the result is surprisingly elongating when you let some skin show above the socks.
  2. Go All Black: well, when in doubt, this cannot go wrong. It’s the perfect & safest way if you’re give this sock+heels combo the first try. The result will be as if you were wearing a pair of soft ankle boots. Only that you didn’t have to spend money on one.
  3. Add Metallic: during the festive season, there’s never any harm to wear a little glitter. Nothing is more festive and cheerful than a little glitz on the feet.
  4. Just Add Confidence (and Wear Whatever You Want): isn’t this, after all, the rule of thumb for anything? All the shoes/socks that are beautiful and daring, why not pair them on top each other, and just have fun? If that’s not what fashion is about, then I don’t know what.

So,  have I tempted you to try some socks with heels this season? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. But let’s just hold that thought:)  And happy holidays!

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