3 Ways to Style Slogan Tees

I visited Manchester a few weeks ago. And all that I packed in my weekender are slogan tees.

Not gonna lie, this slogan across the chest trend has taken me a while to embrace. The main issue I was faced with was to find the right message I’d be comfortable with. I firstly had to pick something that obviously was meaningful to me, and appropriate to be seen in public to friends AND total strangers who might not get the joke at a first glance(if there was one). People often say that what you wear says a lot about your personality, but with a slogan tee, it literately does say something and leaves an immediate impression. It is scary if you think about it.

But nothing represents that cool, carefree, street fashion more than a casual slogan tee. When you choose the right message that says something about yourself, your mood, you interests, your passion…etc., a slogan tee can instantly put you in a good mood with a lot of confidence. Tried and tested. It works.

Needless to say, I am now officially hooked. And the casual vibe of a slogan tee works so well when paired with statement jewellery. I recently discovered Parfois , a fantastic accessory store. I went a little shop-happy on there, especially in the earrings department(-warning).

To shop the looks in this post: