3 Ways to Become the Best-Dressed-Guest

It’s approaching the wedding/ party season again. Have you found yourself browsing through pages after pages of dresses, and in the end getting lost in the sea of ruffles, florals, chiffons, halter necks, bardots… so on and so on? I’ve been through all of these. In fact I just got back from 2 weddings myself. During my search for the perfect wedding guest outfit, I’ve come up with these 3 easy routes to follow in building your own unique “best-dressed-guest” look. These ideas are not here to tell you exactly what to wear, but rather to give a little order to your search. It’s always nice to know what you want and what usually works for you, before plunging into the ocean of dresses(or who said it must be a dress after all? See in my 2nd suggestion below).

1.Think pink— I know, it’s hardly groundbreaking news here. But pink for wedding, is such a fail safe way to dress.  One, you won’t clash with the bride, unless she told you her wedding gown was going to be pink not white; two, it’s a cheerful, romantic colour fit for the event perfectly; three, pink is bloody on trend this year.

The only worry is that the bridesmaids might be wearing pink too. So always make sure first. And if they are, there’s no need            to avoid the colour. Just add personality with a jacket, a pair of statement shoes or earrings… the possibility is endless. A                  pink tulle skirt is also a great way to wear pink to a wedding this season. But keep the rest of your outfit simple to stop                        stealing attention from the bride.

2. Too cool for a dress — It’s perfectly okay to choose not to wear a dress/skirt to a wedding. Stand out with a unique jumpsuit, or if you’re attending a wedding/ party from a work relation invite, wear a dressy top with a pair of smart trousers that flatter your figure. The most important thing is to feel confident, feel like yourself in the party outfit you choose.

3. Unconventional lace — I’ve never been a lace lover. If you’ve known me a while, you’d know that. But if not, just so you know I specifically said no lace on my wedding gown when I was choosing my wedding dress a few years back, which put the sales lady at Browns in such relief because everybody wanted their lace dresses, and it was getting quite competitive. But recently, lace has gone through a quiet revolution to having more varieties and personalities than just being overly feminine and classic. Going for a tougher lace pattern & material, or opting for partial lace on the dress, gives a nod to the romance in the atmosphere without being overpowered with that princess vibe.  Also, choose a more muted colour tone as well, helps adding that edge to the look too.