3 Items to Invest in when You’re on a Budget

As much as we want to shop all the items on our wishlist, it usually doesn’t happen because we have good money senses and we give ourselves certain budgets(well, at least for most of the time). So let’s say it’s a happy payday, or time to drop a hint for an important one on one of those celebrated days of the year, what do we want to spend more on, to give an instant boost to ourselves?

1.A good quality, statement bag of the season/for the many seasons to come.

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Having used the Chloé drew bag, I’m throughly convinced by the quality,the ability to hold stuff despite the petit look, and a beautiful shape and style that’s bound to last and age beautifully.
Any drew bag on sale, is for sure a good bargain. And I’ve found a great deal on Luisaviaroma, who’s giving a good 10-15% off on all the “permanent” collections that don’t usually go in the sale. And this little piggy is in there too:

2. A good tailoring jacket. It doesn’t matter how casual or smart the rest of the outfit is, a good tailoring will always flatter your body shape, give an instant boost for a more put together look.


// PAUL & JOE Fortti Tailored Blazer from SALE //
// TOMMY HILFIGER Joline Double Breasted Blazer from SALE //
// Balmain Double Breasted Wool Twill Jacket from Luisaviaroma ON OFFER //
// BY MALENE BIRGER Indigo Sineaka Fringed Blazer from SALE //

3. Some quality down time, wondering in a museum or garden, or any oasis for your mind or body. Even just for half an hour, take yourself away from office/housework, look at beautiful things, let your thoughts go far far away, around the world, into the outer space even. You’ll come back into real life more energised, with a more relaxed body and soul. I guarantee that this will be the best investment you make on yourself. Plus it’s almost free, until you order a coffee and a cake like I did.