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Dubai Part Two: The Nature & The Old

If you thought getting lost in the concrete jungle of central Dubai was fun, then you’d be thrilled to explore so much more the place had to offer.

Dubai First Part, the Modern City

Last month I went to Dubai for a dear friend’s wedding. It was my first time in Dubai. But as I’d imagined to be the same for most people: even that you hadn’t been to Dubai, you’d probably have heard a lot about the city and had painted your own picture of it in your brain already. Well, at lea …

3 Ways to Style Slogan Tees

I visited Manchester a few weeks ago. And all that I packed in my weekender are slogan tees. Not gonna lie, this slogan across the chest trend has taken me a while to embrace. The main issue I was faced with was to find the right message I’d be comfortable with. I firstly had to pick somethin …

Bare Shoulder Necessity

Ok the first two pictures will make you go…huh? But that’s the thing with London: even now that it’s officially May(although you could argue that the pictures were taken a couple weeks back), having your bare shoulder(s) out doesn’t just happen without the weather’s blessing. Which again,  jus …

3 Ways to Become the Best-Dressed-Guest

It’s approaching the wedding/ party season again. Have you found yourself browsing through pages after pages of dresses, and in the end getting lost in the sea of ruffles, florals, chiffons, halter necks, bardots… so on and so on? I’ve been through all of these. In fact I just got back from 2 …

Perfect Moments, Iceland

The more I look back on the trip to Iceland, the more it becomes a map connected by a dozen dots of perfect memories. Of course there are the highlights of involved with stuff like aurora watching in the hot tub(if interested, read more about it in the previous post) and so on… but it’s fascin …

Outside of Reykjavik, Iceland

While everything appeared deceivingly civil and well proportioned in the capital(as described in more detail in my previous post), once we headed out of Reykjavik, nature began to take more and more control. Everything came in big portions: snow, mountain, water, ice, food, storm….

Reykjavik, Iceland

I’d been modest on my instagram posting about my trip to Iceland considering how epic the whole journey was. At the time I felt utterly in awe of the power and that effortless amazing-ness of nature, that I didn’t feel the action of posting on social media would do justice to what Iceland was gi …

The Unexpected Couple

Not so long ago, if you asked me about pairing ruffles and sporty look, I honestly wouldn’t be so sure of my answer. But having tried coupling the two in another day’s outfit, now I’m deeply in love. 

The Red Coat

It might sound like a cliche, but when the weather gets warmer, you just naturally want to put some colour on. I particularly like wearing reds on a gloomy, grey day. Instantly I feel brighter and happier by the colourful bubble I create around me. 

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