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The New Leg Warmer…And when visiting Hakkasan

I don’t know if it’s me, or is this winter particularly cold. But I’m wearing layers for both my body and legs these days, which have been just sufficient to keep myself away freezing.


You’ll know you’ve found a gem when you see a shop like this one. A little humble looking shop without much fancy lighting or signage to attract your attention(simply cause it doesn’t need to). But if you care to look inside, you’ll find a packed house even when the street is quiet and empty.

That Kiss

It’s the best feeling when you find yourself actually using something purchased as a souvenir during, say, a museum visit during a holiday.

The “Against All Colds” Coat

It’s something that you’ll never feel safe NOT to have in your wardrobe. For me, this coat doesn’t have to be glamorous or edgy by itself(it’s all down to how you style it), but it’ll just have to do the job!


It’s no news now that burgundy(well, “Masala” to be exact. But they are basically the same thing)has been forecasted the trendiest colour of the year by Pantone. 

I Like it Purple

I’ve always declared purple as my favourite colour. If I play a word association game with it, the things that come to mind would be stuff like: fantasy, dream, mysterious, girly, calm, sweet, edgy, magic… all those things that makes you happy and gooey. Over time I’ve unconsciously  …

Neutral With An Attitude

Certain colours and materials always bring people the feeling of comfort. That’s why so many of us choose to paint our rooms in beige I guess. After all the glitters and shines during the festive period, it’s nice to head for a change and embrace some muted colours, well crafted tailoring, and a …


There’s a place where the festive fun happens all year round. And that’s the South Bank.

Head To Toe

I love to update my accessories collection during the sale period. With the prices lowered, it’s the perfect time to invest in some quality/ trendy/ statement pieces that will transcend an otherwise plain outfit.

Start Fresh

Every start of a fresh new year is a blessing simply because we are able to be here for it. Being able to start is always a wonderful thing, and usually the most difficult step of a journey.

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