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The New Leg Warmer…And when visiting Hakkasan

I don’t know if it’s me, or is this winter particularly cold. But I’m wearing layers for both my body and legs these days, which have been just sufficient to keep myself away freezing. My new go-to combo for the bottom half has been this(and it works so well!): HEATTECH leggings(if you haven’t heard of them, look them up NOW on here!) + Over the knee boots + Knitted skirt. Apart from skiing pants, I can’t think of another way to warmer feet and legs. // Knitted Skirt from Joseph(FINAL REDUCTION!) on // // HEATTECH Extra Warm Leggings from Uniqlo (You Must!!) // // Over-The-Knee Boots(similar) from River Island (This suede effect alternative is really cool with the 70’s trend going strong at the moment) // // Coat (similar. By which I mean, it’s really more rubber than leather, but I only didn’t go for it because I felt it was somehow similar to the one I had in the pictures) from Hunter // // White Cashmere Jumper(similar) from Uniqlo // // Navy Scarf (similar) from // // Necklace(similar) from Wallis // // Cross-body Bag from ASOS // // Faux Fur Hat(similar) from Linea at House of Fraser // Now no matter how important fashion is to you, a girl’s always gotta eat. Hakkasan is no news to anyone, it’s one of the many successes of the legendary restauranteur Alan Yau. But the common conception is that people who go there spend a fortune to dine. Well, while it might be true(if you go ahead and order everything from the “Supreme Special Dishes”, but otherwise), you can still spend a reasonable amount whilst enjoying some of the best that Hakkasan has to offer, in its beautiful venue.(Possible solution for the coming Valentine’s day no?) To help make sure you eat tasty and satisfied(meaning: full), here I strongly recommend two dishes: 上海雞鍋貼 Grilled Shanghai dumpling  & 沙律香酥鴨 Crispy duck salad  The dumplings come to […]


You’ll know you’ve found a gem when you see a shop like this one. A little humble looking shop without much fancy lighting or signage to attract your attention(simply cause it doesn’t need to). But if you care to look inside, you’ll find a packed house even when the street is quiet and empty. People don’t mind squeezing into the tiny space to have a quick meal, or queueing for 5-10 mins just to get a pack of pasta or a cup of coffee. It’s often the owner himself(and his wife/kids/staff) who’s serving you. And he doesn’t care if the queue was getting ridiculously lengthy, he chats with every customer as if they were two long lost friends.  If you stay in there for longer and take a look around, you will see undressed walls; or some other walls dressed, but with something much like a child’s scribble; unmatching dining ware and cutleries; or even ice-cream freezer filled with vegetables… all of which only shout:”They have incredible food!”  So if you get the clues and decide to stay and order some food(you’d be a fool not to), I recommend…everything! If I have to be more specific, I meant, roast vegetables, HAM slices(I gave you the hint there), gnocchi, lasagne, salad, sandwiches….so basically, just anything you feel in the mood for. And the sweets! Oh the sweets! You see I’m not a sweets person, but there you go. Anyways, not like they need to be any more crowded… but here‘s their information on Google plus in case you want to go and see what all the fuss is about:) Fashion wise, I wore: // Jacket(similar) from Unreal Fur // Now I really want to recommend this brand for its quality, style and value. Here I’ve picked a few of my favourite for you to choose, […]

That Kiss

It’s the best feeling when you find yourself actually using something purchased as a souvenir during, say, a museum visit during a holiday. But the truth is, many museum shops now a days have really stepped up their games. For instance, I regularly visit the shop at V&A for funky home accessories and unique jewellery pieces as they always stock a beautiful range that’s edgy and with an element of design. Plus, they are usually extremely fairly priced than other little boutiques where you might find the same brands.   Anyways, I’d bought this little bag in the ‘Musee Rodin’ during my last trip to Paris which you might have read about in a few previous articles(if not, find them here). It’s a little black carrier bag with the famous Rodin sculpture ‘The Kiss’ kind of embroidered in the centre. I gladly bought it out with me the other day, and it was the perfect size for my ipad and note book! Also, it is already February now! You know what day is just around the corner!? This bag could be a nice little something for a gift(or part of a gift) for that special day too:)) // Jacket from Bimba Y Lola // // Grey Crew Neck Jumper(similar) from H&M // // Handbag from Shop at Rodin Museum, Paris // // Over-the-knee-boots (similar) from Aldo on ASOS // // Skirt from Whole 9 Yards // // Sunglasses from Cheap Monday on ASOS // // Bracelet (similar) from Krystal on ASOS // // Hexagon Ring(similar) from Forever 21 // // Hat (similar) from Anthropologie //

The “Against All Colds” Coat

It’s something that you’ll never feel safe NOT to have in your wardrobe. For me, this coat doesn’t have to be glamorous or edgy by itself(it’s all down to how you style it), but it’ll just have to do the job! The coat I’m wearing here is an old piece from Marc Jacobs: a crazy sale bargain which was on a whooping 80% discount at the time I spotted it! But as warm and stylish as it goes, I can’t recommend anything but the Ultra light down collection from Uniqlo.  //Ultra Light Down Wrap Coat(sale piece!) or Tweed Effect Print Coat from Ultra Light Down Uniqlo// And while we are on the topic of keeping warm, the HEATTECH collection from Uniqlo is also incredible. There fleece polo neck style I’ve purchased 5 in different colours!(And note I’m not usually the kind of person who does that!) //Fleece Polo Neck from HEATTECH Uniqlo// //Utility Peg Trousers from ASOS Premium// //Boots(similar) from Geox// //Central Saint Martins Cut-out Necklace from Topshop// //Bag from Saint Laurent on


It’s no news now that burgundy(well, “Masala” to be exact. But they are basically the same thing)has been forecasted the trendiest colour of the year by Pantone.  I don’t know how Pantone did it(forecasting a colour that everybody must love for the coming year). But if they were to take a public vote, I’d probably have voted for burgundy anyway. I personally have always loved the colour. It’s a more different and fun colour to wear than black/grey, but almost goes with everything as well. I was lucky to have snapped this synthetic leather coat in burgundy from the Zara sale. Unfortunately it’s not listed on their website. But there might be more in some of the shops, so please go and try your luck if you like it. Otherwise, I’ve found some equally great pieces in this colour for you here: // Bugundy(/Masala) Coat (similar) from Helene Berman on ASOS or A £15 Version from New Look!!! // For rest of the outfit, I wore: // Cropped Grey Gilet(similar) from Sheinside // // Cashmere(blend) Jumper (similar) from Uniqlo // // Scarf (similar) from Muji // // Touch Screen Gloves (similar) from Muji // // Bag from Monki on ASOS // // Jeans (similar) from Boden // // Biker Boots (similar) from UGG on // // Earrings (similar) from & Other Stories // // T Bar Necklace (similar) from Gucci on //

I Like it Purple

I’ve always declared purple as my favourite colour. If I play a word association game with it, the things that come to mind would be stuff like: fantasy, dream, mysterious, girly, calm, sweet, edgy, magic… all those things that makes you happy and gooey. Over time I’ve unconsciously collected so many items in purple that I could easily go out completely in purple if I ever wished to, almost like the other day. // Hat(similar) from American Apparel // // Sunglasses from Sheriff & Cherry on ASOS // // Coat from Lin Edition Limit on Tao Bao // // Scarf from Design House Stockholm // // Top(which you can’t see, but is something like this) from // // Trousers(similar) from ASOS // // Boots from M&S // // Bag from Saint Laurent on //

Neutral With An Attitude

Certain colours and materials always bring people the feeling of comfort. That’s why so many of us choose to paint our rooms in beige I guess. After all the glitters and shines during the festive period, it’s nice to head for a change and embrace some muted colours, well crafted tailoring, and a whole-new-year-load of work(as if we had a choice!). Office wear and neutral colours needn’t mean boring. As I always believe, playing with materials & proportions and thoughtful accessorising are the key elements to establish your own style and personality. A maxi coat is a piece that’s worth investing in whether you’re an office girl or someone who’s always on the run. It is warm, stylish, and nobody cares even if you’re still in your jammies underneath. // Maxi Coat(similar) from River Island on ASOS or Grey Ombre Maxi Coat(similar) from ASOS // // Knitted Wide Leg Culottes(similar) from Zara or Beige Culottes(similar) from Zara // // Hologram Effect Bag(similar) from Rebel Nation Apparel // // Heels from Kurt Geiger // // Skinny Velvet Belt from Whole9Yards //


There’s a place where the festive fun happens all year round. And that’s the South Bank. The South bank possesses all the elements to guarantee a fun day out. You’ve got the Southbank Centre for art; the Royal Festival Hall for music and performances; the imax and the BFI for movies; the street performers, London Eye and Aquarium for the ultimate tourist experience; all sorts of popup installations for family fun; and a range of design boutiques and various food/book markets for local treasure hunt.  The only thing is, you’ll probably want to spend quite a lot of time out in the cold visiting the markets or simply gazing at the beautiful views across the river. So in the colder days like now, you have to make sure to wrap up real warm. // Coat from Preen // // Leather Trousers(similar) from Ted Baker // // Cross Body Bag from Yazbukey //Hat from Anthropoligie // // Boots from M&S // But eventually when you’ve had enough of cold air, be assured that there are plenty of cafes and restaurants for you to hide away to warm up and have some comfort food/drinks.  // Shirt from Uniqlo // // Necklace(more styles) from Bill Skinner //

Head To Toe

I love to update my accessories collection during the sale period. With the prices lowered, it’s the perfect time to invest in some quality/ trendy/ statement pieces that will transcend an otherwise plain outfit. On a quick run to the supermarket, my outfit started just with a roll neck jumper and a pair of jeans(rather basic? I would say?). Then I simply added the new bag and pair of shoes, who arrived together in their lovely black Net-A-Porter box a few days ago; topped with a “head warmer”, and all of a sudden you already feel way too dressed up for Sainsbury’s.  // Hat from Eugenia Kim // // Shoulder Bag from Anya Hindmarch on Net A Porter // // Shoes (similar) from Toga Pulla // // Coat from Bimba Y Lola // // Roll Neck Jumper(similar) from Cheap Monday on ASOS // // Jeans from ASOS //

Start Fresh

Every start of a fresh new year is a blessing simply because we are able to be here for it. Being able to start is always a wonderful thing, and usually the most difficult step of a journey. Although the weather is still cold and gloomy, one(i.e. I) can’t help but feeling to approaching steps of spring. One of my old friends from A-levels(who graduated from Cambridge with her Economics degree) recently started a fashion brand in Singapore called “Whole 9 Yards”. The brand is all about romance, femininity and timeless elegance, yet every piece is so versatile that you can style it to different mood and style as you wish. If you haven’t seen them, I’d already styled two outfits(Belt & Top) with pieces from Whole 9 Yards, and they both were of very different styles.  Feeling all refreshed at the start of a new year, this time I challenged another altogether different look with the softest, most floaty dress from the brand.  //Peach Coloured Bomber Jacket(similar) from Oasis// //Dress & Belt from Whole 9 Yards// //Beige Knee Boots(similar) from Gucci or Gente Roma// //Small Saffiano Bag from DKNY// And as a note to those who might want to wear dresses with bare legs like I usually prefer, here are some tips to stop you from freezing up in the cold: 1. Wear layers, preferably something fitted, like a cashmere vest. Nobody needs to know. 2. Long/ over-the-knee/ up-to-crotch boots which will not only keep you warm but also inject instant personality into a too polished lady look. 3. Put on a wide, wide belt. It might not seem much, but this really does make a difference, try for yourself. //Similar Belt to the one I’m wearing here from GIORDANO FRANGIPANI//

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