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In The Sun

As if it hasn’t been obvious enough with the days getting longer and trees blooming with flowers. I think spring may be coming.

Sunday Brunch At Hotel Du Vin

If there’s one meal that I’m always looking forward to, it’d be the Sunday brunch. If there’s one place that I always prefer to have my brunch in, it’d be Hotel Du Vin.

Fire and Ice Ramen In London

     London is an amazing city. I’m constantly stunned by its capacity to accommodate new cultures and ideas, while at the same time remaining so “English” at the core.  But let’s talk a bit about fashion first? I have been living in this coat ever since I got it. An oversiz …

Flattering Flares

Last day of LFW, I could not not wear some flared pants! I mean, any era, any trend, garment that enhances your figure is always a bonus. Hide your (ridiculously) high heels underneath these flared babies and feel unusually tall is a feeling that every girl must want to have. (especially when mo …

LFW Day-Two-Centuries-Of-A-Brand

It was LFW day 2, and I had the pleasure to visit the Serpentine Gallery for celebration of Scottish Fashion Brand Pringle of Scotland’s bicentennial. 

LFW AW15 Day 1

I love how the title of this post looks all technical and professional like some kind of formula in Chemistry or Mathematics. But come on, we all know what it’s all about!

A Double Life

Last Wednesday came like any other wednesdays, but for all Chinese and some other asian countries, it was the Lunar New Year. Living in the UK, you start to forget about the Lunar New Year until the moment your parents call and tell you are are planning to come and celebrate it together.


I couldn’t escape the cliché of using the colour red on Valentine’s day. But with the concert and dancing planned in the evening, I decided to go with something comfy and fun.

Postmodern Jukebox

Somehow the day got to this stage(which, as you can tell, was rather amazing). But it certainly didn’t start this way. 

Print On Print

It’s the day I finally recovered from the terrible fever I’d suffered for almost 2 weeks! And I went a bit overload on prints.

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