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In The Sun

As if it hasn’t been obvious enough with the days getting longer and trees blooming with flowers. I think spring may be coming. The season change does a lot of things to human beings(and all other living creatures as well, naturally). As I’ve seen the sun more often now, I’ve also seen myself wear much more colours these days. The same way trees get more colours from the blooms and new leaves, I guess. // Belted Wool Coat from Gestuz // // Scarf from Stella Mccartney (Now on heavy discount) // // Grey Jumper(similar) from Sessun //  // Jeans(similar) from H&M // // Biker Boots (similar) from UGG on // // Bag from Monki on // (And can I please add here, that most of the above stated are now on sale! Take a look, don’t be scared by the brand name:) )

Sunday Brunch At Hotel Du Vin

If there’s one meal that I’m always looking forward to, it’d be the Sunday brunch. If there’s one place that I always prefer to have my brunch in, it’d be Hotel Du Vin. There are 16 branches of Hotel Du Vin. They spread across the whole of Britain, from the St. Andrew branch in the very north, all the way down to the Brighton and Poole branches along the south coast of the country. There are many great qualities about the hotel: from its unique design of architecture and interior decorations, to the top quality service provided to every customer of the hotel(that’s to include babies and dogs). But the best bit of all, must be the Sunday brunch menu at the Bistro of every Hotel Du Vin.  So what’s so great about the Brunch? It’s a four course menu starting with the soup of the day. It’s then followed by the “market table”, oh the “market table”! I always prefer to go to the bistro at 12 as soon as the brunch starts. Because then I’ll get to see the “market table” being set up. Depending on the location of the hotel, the contents on the “market table” can very. But you’ll almost always get various types of cured ham, pate, seafood, pickle and fresh,seasonal vegetable. Oh, and of course a wide choice of perfectly baked, warm from the oven breads. You can go as many times as you can eat, make up your own plates of food from the table. If you want to try everything from the table, you’ll really need to pick the smallest portion possible. Or you can just decide to dive into some of your favourites(or just one favourite. I’m pretty sure that I once saw a man took nothing but a dozen fresh oysters from the table, […]

Fire and Ice Ramen In London

     London is an amazing city. I’m constantly stunned by its capacity to accommodate new cultures and ideas, while at the same time remaining so “English” at the core.  But let’s talk a bit about fashion first? I have been living in this coat ever since I got it. An oversized coat with dropped shoulders and baggy sleeves: ideal for layers and layers underneath, or any batwing design tops. The thick and heavy wool provides just enough warmth without compromising on style. // Belted Wool Coat from Gestuz // // Beige Turtleneck (similar) from ASOS // // Leggings (probably) from Uniqlo // // Scarf (similar) from Forever21 // // Boots (similar) from Chloé on // // Bag from Issey Miyake // After a walk around the centre of Mayfair, seeing and breathing in all the Britishness of the environment, I felt like the warmth within my body slowly leaving me. I desperately needed something to warm up my body and soul. Naturally I decided to visit the Shoryu branch in Kingly Court, Carnaby street. On the way in, I pleasantly discovered that their lamp matched my bag, which to me, was fate telling me I made the right choice.(judge all you want) Ramen shops have taken over London in the past 2,3 years or so. From Bone Daddies, Shoryu, to Ippudo and Kanada-ya, the ramen culture has slowly but surely applied its force onto many, many Londoners. I’m sure that Shoryu no breaking news for you who live in London and love to try different food. But it’s always nice to revisit a restaurant many times and see the food quality and level of service maintained or even improved. Then you’ll know what kind of business it is, and feel safe to go back again and again. I ordered what Shoryu did best, which were the famous bun and ramen. Alongside of them, I couldn’t help my curiosity and also […]

Flattering Flares

Last day of LFW, I could not not wear some flared pants! I mean, any era, any trend, garment that enhances your figure is always a bonus. Hide your (ridiculously) high heels underneath these flared babies and feel unusually tall is a feeling that every girl must want to have. (especially when model legs weren’t one of the things mama gave to you) // Black Coat (similar) from Topshop // // Flared Leggings from River Island // // Mono Faux Fur Collar from ASOS // // Yorkie Cashmere Jumper from Cocoa Cashmere London // // Choker Necklace from Jill Jill // // Tote(different colour) from Stella McCartney at // // Metallic Heels (similar) from Stuart Weitzman // This outfit was one of my favourites. It ticked all the boxed of what “fashion” means to me: flattering, comfortable, reflecting a personality, different, and of course visually pleasing. But then it was the London Fashion Week, so there were plenty of people who said loud and clear about their fashion senses with what they wore. All I could do was really just to watch and take in as much inspiration as I could.  There were so many talents in the designer showrooms! But I met this incredible Chinese designer based in London, who made the most funky and colourful clothes and bags, while at the same time ran an equally colourful but super soft/comfy/everyday-wearing line of cashmere pieces that I wanted one in every style! Be amazed by her creativities by visiting: On the way out, this French Bulldog obviously spotted my “Yorkie”, and I just had to stop to say hi – He was the last face I saw from LFW AW15. So long!

LFW Day-Two-Centuries-Of-A-Brand

It was LFW day 2, and I had the pleasure to visit the Serpentine Gallery for celebration of Scottish Fashion Brand Pringle of Scotland‘s bicentennial.  For a brand with such a wealth of history and heritage, and a dominant position in both British fashion ad culture, Pringle of Scotland is more than just a fashion brand. It’s the brand appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, and invented some of the most iconic prints and styles in the history of knitwear. In a shortened version of my understanding, the brand itself is a representative for the spirit of Britain. So set in the perfect grey & gloomy British weather, and in the equally iconic venue of Serpentine Galleries in Hyde Park, London, was the exhibition for Pringle of Scotland. I thought I’d go in head to toe grey, with just a pop of orange-y red. But obviously I did not think everything through, and ended up carrying the most colourful umbrella in the world! Well, I’m now thinking of investing in a completely clear dome umbrella, so it will add minimum distraction to any outfit in the future. For the moment of this post, please just try to embrace my floral umbrella if you can 🙂 // Top(similar) from Nougat London at House of Fraser // or // Shirt Top(similar) from ASOS // // Trousers from ASOS //  // Coat(similar, without furry collar) from ZARA // // Furry Collars from ASOS // // Tote(different colour) from Stella McCartney at // // Ankle Boots(similar, and better I think) from Topshop // The exhibition concentrates on the origin, history and evolution of the Pringle brand. You can just see how much effort has gone into the quality control and technology innovation. What strikes me the most is the dedication and creativity that has gone into building something that will last as long as 200 years! I won’t give away […]

LFW AW15 Day 1

I love how the title of this post looks all technical and professional like some kind of formula in Chemistry or Mathematics. But come on, we all know what it’s all about! Happening twice a year, it’s time for the fashionable crowd to get together in beautiful settings to dress to impress, give compliments to, and take pictures of each other. So it’s Utopia.  It’s the best time to meet and connect with like-minded people in the industry. Heading to the famous setting of Somerset House on Strand, I layered up with a vintage mood. // Vintage Shearling Coat(similar) from ASOS // // Embroidered Dress from ASOS // // PU Mini Skirt(similar) from ASOS // // Top (similar) from Mango // // Brown Over-the-knee Boots (similar) from Nicholas Kirkwood // // Vintage Brown Bag (similar) from ASOS // or try your luck at Rokit. In the designer showrooms, I spotted more bags to go with my outfit! Or simply to add to my wardrobe… This is from the brand Mayrafedane‘s beautiful AW15 collection. From the shapes to colours to functionality, everything is to be adored from her table! I couldn’t help trying a few on the spot… And then these pom-pom shoe clips from Cleo B found me! Who could ever say no to these inexpensive little treats? Perfect payday reward for oneself, or a special little present for a fashionable girl in your life.  I dived in the showrooms in the afternoon, and when I got out, the day was almost gone. Though the fashion world never sleeps: catwalks were still going, and poses were still striking strong.  But it was time for me to say bye bye to a quick an sweet first day at London Fashion Week A/W 15. More coming later…

A Double Life

Last Wednesday came like any other wednesdays, but for all Chinese and some other asian countries, it was the Lunar New Year. Living in the UK, you start to forget about the Lunar New Year until the moment your parents call and tell you are are planning to come and celebrate it together. I said yes to a kind invitation from Nuffnang for a cake decoration class with Konditor and Cook, which fell coincidentally on the same day as the Lunar New Year. At the time I’d completely forgotten about the new year dinner I’d planned with the family, which clashed time with the class. Well, so I went to both. In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, I had to inject some red into the outfit-it’s just equivalent to the novelty jumpers around Christmas time.  // Coat(similar) from Alexander Wang on //   // Quilted Denim Jacket(similar) from Gap // // Orange/Red Cami Top(similar) from Ted Baker // // Knee Ripped Jeans from ASOS // // NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Leather Patchwork Boots(similar) from D&G // // Faux Fur Snood from ASOS // // Black Bucket Bag(similar) from ZARA // // Headphones from Parrot on // At 7 in the evening, the class started in the original Konditor and Cook shop in Waterloo. If you haven’t yet heard of the shop, then either you’re not a Londoner, or you’re a hater of sweets. It’s been around since 1993. Set up by the famous cake creator Gerhard Jenne who created cakes for celebrities in the 90’s. It now has several branches around town, in Spitalfield Market, Borough Market and a couple other locations.  To be honest(and if you read my blog), I’m not a sweets person. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the kind of person who’d skip dessert or just go for a cheese board at the end of a meal. And I almost never have cravings for sugar or dessert.  But still, […]


I couldn’t escape the cliché of using the colour red on Valentine’s day. But with the concert and dancing planned in the evening, I decided to go with something comfy and fun. I’m sure you might have seen dungarees everywhere already for this season. I admit that it is kind of a trendy piece. If worn at the wrong times when the trend isn’t on its side, then it’s almost always going to end rather badly. Hence a great piece to grab in the “final reduction” stage of the sale! I haven’t owned one in years, but decided to go for these as they costed less than 20 pounds. // Dungaree(similar) from // // Satin Blouse from Mango // // Quilted Denim Jacket(similar) from Gap // // Heeled Platform Ankle Boots from Kat Maconie // // Bag from Matter Matters // (every piece above is on sale at the moment, I highly recommend all of them:) The bag I got it luckily during the Net-a-porter “Finds” sale but is now, unfortunately, back to normal price on its website) I’m not linking any of the jewellery I was wearing, because many of them were pieces I’d owned for a long time, nothing hot and new, or extremely trendy. But if you see something interesting, leave a comment below and I’ll definitely tell you more about it(or even find a purchasing link if lucky:)).  As I got ready, out came the balloon and roses from the hubby. And they matched perfectly with my blouse! Yay!  Before I stepped out of the hotel room, one more red, and rather shiny thing were added to the look: my glittery lips!!! The lips lasted the entire evening of the concert: turned a quite a few heads, lasted a pint of beer, a cheese board, and a few kisses – nothing too french though…So, I’m saying it’s […]

Postmodern Jukebox

Somehow the day got to this stage(which, as you can tell, was rather amazing). But it certainly didn’t start this way.  There were much more to our Valentine’s day which I wanted to talk about, such as the flower, the heart shaped ballon, the hotel, the food, my outfit, my glittery lipstick, etc. I’m including pictures of all these things here just so it makes more sense how roughly the day went down perfectly. But more on those I will talk about in another blogpost later. Here I’m going to talk about one and only one thing: the concert.  We bought tickets to a concert long time ago to see this band – Postmodern Jukebox in Birmingham on Valentine’s day. I’d been stalking them on their youtube channel for about half a year now. They are just a group of the most creative, energetic, charismatic, talented funny musicians, who turns any top-of-the-charts pop music/classics into different 20’s century music style renditions(i.e. a lot of “shoo-be-doo-wah”s and “sha-la-la-la”s). The heart and brain behind this band is the composer/pianist Scott Bradlee. His usual crew in America is at least 3 times bigger than what has managed to come on the Europe tour. But plenty of them came to deliver a great show. There were: the pianist himself, a drummer, a base, a trumpet, a saxophone, four singers(one played the MC as well), three burlesque dancers, a tap dancer, and a (crazy) tambourine player.   I’ve flooded my instagram with videos from the performance. Because they were pretty fantastic! See for yourself through their youtube channel. Or if you really want to, go see them live on the rest of their Europe tour! They are going to be in London and Brighton for tomorrow and the day after, and then they are going on to the rest of Europe until 20th March. Check their schedule and see […]

Print On Print

It’s the day I finally recovered from the terrible fever I’d suffered for almost 2 weeks! And I went a bit overload on prints. There are things you see season after season in fashion. These prints that I piled on are all elements like that. An Burberry print shirt, a check coat and a dogtooth scarf… Does it work? You be the judge:) In case you feel the outfit could work for you too, my(or similar) pieces can be found at: // Check Coat (similar) form Libertine on ASOS or from Warehouse on ASOS // // Cotton Shirt (similar) from Burberry on // // Scarf (similar) from Missguided // // Pleated Dress (similar) from Issey Miyake at Selfridges // // Black HEATTECH Leggings from Uniqlo //// Beige Knee Boots(similar) from Gucci //  (The pair I had in the pictures were an absolute bargain found in the messy shelves of a TK Maxx. I love the look and feel of these so much, and the closest thing I could find were these ones from Gucci but costed more than 10 times as much! So if you are feeling lucky, please visit a TK Maxx store and see what you’ll find there! I recommend the Tottenham Court Road & Covent Garden Branches for best fashion stock) // Cross-body Bag from ASOS // // Black Leather Gloves (similar) from M&S // // Fox Head Earrings (similar) from // To complement the whole look, I decided to backcomb my hair rather vigorously. The result doesn’t look too strong as I didn’t use any product for this casual look at all. A simple tight low ponytail felt just right for the style I was going for 🙂

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