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Kimono jackets have been favoured by many for seasons now. People love it for the vibrant colours and elegant print patterns, casual and relaxed fit, and often light weight, breathable material. Many designs are injected with fun elements of fringe, lace, velvet, so and so, perfect for summer and festival season. While modern/westernised kimonos are easy and fun to wear, it is altogether a different story when you have the chance to get even just a glimpse, of the amount of devotion and craftsmanship that goes into traditional kimono making.  Kimonoé is a brand that indulges in the fun and creative aspects of modern kimonos, but hasn’t forgotten about essence of traditional, fine kimono making. Tomo(the creator of Kimonoé)’s kimonos are all handmade in Kyoto, Japan, delicate with premium fabrics. Some quite fun and unexpected(like the tartan one I fell in love at first sight), and all not cheap at all – just like how real kimonos are supposed to be. I arrived in a vintage kimono jacket once found in a vintage market outside London. It was a men’s jacket, all black on the outside with a beautiful silky picture of cranes flying across mountains on the lining. (I’ll have to show it to you guys some time!) Underneath my kimono jacket, I wore a pyjama style shirt and a pair of wide leg trousers. But you can always style it with dress/skirt/jeans depending on what you feel like on the day. As you can (almost)see, Tomo here was wearing a dress with her kimono, which worked perfectly too. And hubby couldn’t resist the temptation to try on something as well. Wouldn’t this pinstripe jacket be perfect as a substitute for a trench coat over your everyday suits?

Warm Hues

When I see something beautiful, I wow; beautiful and red, I buy. Simple as that. I recently did a bit of online shopping(well, I always do a bit of online shoppings here and there, but just for the flow of the article…). It may be because of the weather getting warmer, or not. But everything that I got from my shopping at M&S was either red, orange, pink, camel, or a mix print of all those colours. Now Marks & Spencer may not be the first place you head over for fashion, but if you care to take a look, they actually stock some rather cute, and quality, and trendy pieces. This beautiful red blouse with delicate details came together with the faux suede midi skirt in the same box. I tried them on together and decided to look no further in my wardrobe since they worked just fine with each other. Of course the red blouse could have been teamed with jeans or smarter trousers for different looks. And the skirt(being the “IT” skirt of the season)could’ve also worked with a million other tops as well. But you see, I am a person who believes in fate, and they did arrive in the same box, so… // Blouse from M&S // // Faux Suede Skirt from M&S // // Bucket Bag (on sale!) from Rebecca Minkoff on // // Metallic Flats(similar) from Russell & Brompley // // Coat (Vintage) from Aquascutum //  And the reason why I was in the courtyard of V&A? Not only for the photo shoot of course not. If you make it to one exhibition this year, make sure it is the Savage Beauty at the V&A. Remember, this advice comes from someone who’s not head over heels in love with McQueen’s designs(oops! Am I allowed to say it if I still want to write about […]

Tiger and Roses

Spring is in full bloom as we spend this peaceful Easter Sunday Holiday at home. Not only have fresh roses occupied many table tops at home, they also climbed up on our wall. These vintage rose illustrations by Pierre-Joseph Redouté in golden frames were new additions to the home. Nothing else shouts “Spring” in the face better than these. Every time I walk by these prints, I’d take a deep breathe as if I could smell the roses. And I embrace the new life that has come to this wall and our home thanks to the magic of art.  There were 24 prints in total, and much thanks to the picture hanging system, the whole process of putting these beauties up on the wall were made as simple and hassle-free as possible. And since we’re talking about nature(kind of), you must have heard of or at least seen this animal silk scarf somewhere. The genius range of animal themed silk scarfs are from Cleo Ferin Mercury. Apart from this beige/orangy tiger, they also come in other colours and animals, such as black/white cat, pink jaguar, orange/blue fox etc. This playful design injects new life into any type of outfits as long as you dare to wear them. // Ivory Tiger Scarf from Cleo Ferin Mercury // // Beige Top (similar) from Zara // // Camel Sleeveless Tailored Dress (similar) from Missguided // // Tan Wooden Platform Sandals (similar) from Carvela Kurt Geiger //

White Shirt & Blue Jeans

Much like cooking, there are basic ingredients which once you get right, the rest of dish/outfit simply cannot go wrong. And here I’m talking about such a “base” that consists of a plain white shirt and a pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans. Meeting Ely, a jewellery designer, who’s expanding her young but successful brand from Mexico all the way to London, I was honoured to take a preview of her amazing jewellery line for the new season. Not knowing what wonders I was going to be shown to, I reached for the “perfect base” for anything. // White Shirt from Uniqlo // // Flared Blue Jeans(similar) from Zara // Well, everything else you’d already seen in some previous outfit posts(Burgundy Leather Coat, Bag & Blanket Cape), which were obviously styled with other garments at the time.  Then of course, all the juicy jewels were from Jill & Jill Jewellery by Ely Hopkins . I literately can’t wait to get hold of all of them! It was a cruel thing to have to give them back after this shoot as some of them were still samples!

A Vintage Dirty Pink Velvet Blazer

Buying vintage is the best way to find unique and great quality garments when you don’t have a spare few thousand pounds to spend.  I’ve recently visited Rokit – the famous London vintage fashion store, and spotted this pale pink, almost beige coloured velvet blazer for 8 pounds. Could I say no to that? Well, you already know the answer. The most common colours to use with velvet are navy, black or red(burgundy), and they usually feel luxurious, formal and a bit wintery. This pink number on the other hand, feels much lighter and more youthful, which I’m sure can see me through the whole spring and summer seasons for the years to come. // Pink Blazer (similar but sadly not in velvet) from Zara // // White T-shirt from & Other Stories // // Utility Peg Trousers from ASOS // // Trainers from Converse on ASOS // // Hologram Bag (similar) from ASOS // // Necklace (similar) from Anthropologie // // Camel Coat (held in hand, similar) from Hobbs // What’s your most recent vintage purchase?

Leather and Colours

Seeing the first signs of spring is something exciting. It makes people want to ditch the layers and jump into something light and adventurous. So there I was, feeling all adventurous the other day, and decided to forget about the chills, and reached out for this mini scuba dress with a 70’s twist(and going bare legged with the help of a pair of over-the-knee). // Dress from H&M // // Leather Jacket (similar) from Topshop // // Boots (similar) from Topshop // // Bag (different colour) from Anya Hindmarch on // OR // Bag (similar style, same colour) from DKNY at Selfridge’ //  // Hat from Eugenia Kim at // // Scarf (vintage find, but similar) from J.Crew //

Hang In There New Yorkers

Now I’m going to have to admit that this was an outfit shot more than a month ago. Back then we still needed fleece, knit, fur all layered up together. London has then went through a phase of incredibly spring/summer like weather, during which made posting this look seem rather ridiculous. I waited and waited(remembering that we have had snow in March at one point in London not long ago), but I finally decided to give up and just post this for the people in New York instead! And plus, a thick and warm coat by itself, is actually an incredible garment for the kind of weather we have in London now! You can have just a t-shirt or a silk dress underneath that’s ready to be shown off as soon as entering anywhere with heating on. // Fur Lined Parka(similar) from River Island // // who cares what I was wearing underneath? // // Bag from Matter Matters // // Jeans(similar) from Topshop // // Shoes(similar) from Tod’s // // Sunglasses(similar) from Quay on // // Lip Colour(to match my bag) from Rimmel London(colour 01) //

Bath, England

Bath is almost like a magical city. It has all the elements of the old English charm, but is at the same time contemporary and vibrant.  This time I’ll let my pictures do all the talking, except from one thing: A little habit of myself when it comes to packing clothes for trips. I always reach for a reversible jacket/coat, feeling like I’ve got an ace up my sleeve while actually is just pretty simple thinking. This time, I wore my proud find at TK Maxx – a DVF reversible down feather coat, which offered me warmth and style when I was busy sightseeing and couldn’t care less about fashion.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath

 I arrived at night, and was stunned by its beauty. The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath is located at the very centre of the royal crescent(surprise surprise!), which is formed by 30 Georgian terraced houses facing and overlooking the city of bath and the many surrounding fields. Its prestiges location on the top of a slope means there’s nothing but the city in distance, and a sky full of stars before you. So I arrived to this breathtaking night view of the royal crescent, thinking it would be tough for a hotel to play up to this setting. But I was wrong. As I walked through the lobby, passed the winding stone laid path to my classic suite(the cheapest type of room that allowed dogs), every single detail in the hotel matched perfectly with the majestic royal crescent. And I only felt more and more like stepping into the snobbish bit of a Jane Austin’s novel. And there I was, arrived in front of my room that’s named “Jane Austin”-cliché you might say, but appropriate.   The room itself was clean, cosy, classy, sweet and elegant all at the same time. Nothing overwhelmingly luxurious or extravagant, but all well planned and decorated with impeccable taste and attention to detail in a very subtle way. There was a separate living space away from the room door, so the dogs could finally get their peace rather than woofing vigorously every time when a person walk past our room.  After some snacks and champaign, and a exciting tour around our room, I finally rested my sleepy head in the princess-y bed(anything with a canopy is like…) The next morning was the most beautiful kind of morning you could ever ask for – a glorious morning, a morning that would go perfectly with the uplifting endnote of an opera. […]

The Shift

It’s always nice to invest in a new shift dress in spring. One you’ll layer up for the initial colder days, and last you all the way through summer, and even some parts of autumn as well. Recently I’ve been working on a project of the interior for a boathouse in one of the marinas on the Thames. I spent a lot of time looking through pages and pages of tile patterns. And when it came to my new shift dress purchase, this tile pattern print immediately caught my attention. And yes, I tiled myself. // Dress from Monki // // Shearling Coat(similar) from Forever 21 // // Over-The-Knee Boots(similar) from Dune // // Sunglasses from Miu Miu // // Bag from Baobao Issey Miyake //

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