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Kimono jackets have been favoured by many for seasons now. People love it for the vibrant colours and elegant print patterns, casual and relaxed fit, and often light weight, breathable material. Many designs are injected with fun elements of fringe, lace, velvet, so and so, perfect for summer an …

Warm Hues

When I see something beautiful, I wow; beautiful and red, I buy. Simple as that. I recently did a bit of online shopping(well, I always do a bit of online shoppings here and there, but just for the flow of the article…). It may be because of the weather getting warmer, or not. But everythi …

Tiger and Roses

Spring is in full bloom as we spend this peaceful Easter Sunday Holiday at home. Not only have fresh roses occupied many table tops at home, they also climbed up on our wall.

White Shirt & Blue Jeans

Much like cooking, there are basic ingredients which once you get right, the rest of dish/outfit simply cannot go wrong. And here I’m talking about such a “base” that consists of a plain white shirt and a pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans.

Leather and Colours

Seeing the first signs of spring is something exciting. It makes people want to ditch the layers and jump into something light and adventurous.

Hang In There New Yorkers

Now I’m going to have to admit that this was an outfit shot more than a month ago. Back then we still needed fleece, knit, fur all layered up together. London has then went through a phase of incredibly spring/summer like weather, during which made posting this look seem rather ridiculous. I wai …

Bath, England

Bath is almost like a magical city. It has all the elements of the old English charm, but is at the same time contemporary and vibrant. 

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath

 I arrived at night, and was stunned by its beauty. The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath is located at the very centre of the royal crescent(surprise surprise!), which is formed by 30 Georgian terraced houses facing and overlooking the city of bath and the many surrounding fields. It …

The Shift

It’s always nice to invest in a new shift dress in spring. One you’ll layer up for the initial colder days, and last you all the way through summer, and even some parts of autumn as well.

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