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A Spring Summer Mac

A lightweight mac is one of my favourite coverups for the warmer days. Depending on the choice of clothing and accessories to go with the mac, you can always dress it up or down, for work and leisure plans. The other day I had a lot of plans scattered around town, and I knew I’d be running back and forth catching tubes and buses. I opted for comfort and practicality without looking too relaxed with accessories that had gold hardwares.  // Mac Jacket (similar) from River Island on ASOS // OR // Light Flowy Trench from Mango // // Grey T-shirt (similar) from Gap // // Jersey Skirt (similar) from Gap // // White Trainers (similar) from Nike // // Shoulder Bag from Lara Bohinc // // Casio Digital Watch from ASOS //

Perfectly Sliced Beijing Duck in Kensington

Forget all “Shredded Aromatic Duck” or “Peking Style Crispy Duck” from any Chinese takeout shops and restaurants you’ve ever had before. Because they are all shattered when put into comparison with the duck you’ll have in Min Jiang. The Beijing Duck at Min Jiang is done the way it’s supposed to be done. Tasty, crispy, slightly fatty skin with tender and succulent meat on the inside. The most crispy bit of skin is sliced of first, you dip a piece into sugar and embrace the fatty part melt at the bottom of your tongue. As a Chinese, I usually prefer to wash it down with some nice Pu’er tea which will help taking away any feeling of greasiness. But sometimes I find an oaky red can go well with the dish too.  The wait while the chef slice the whole duck at your table can be a bit torturous especially if you are already a bit peckish. But there’s the advantage of being on the 10th floor of Royal Garden Hotel. Just take your eyes to the beautiful view of Hyde Park and the rest of London, and in a blink of an eye, a full plate of beautiful duck will magically appear on your table. After making wrap after wrap of delicious duck meat pairing with different vegetables, pickles and sauces in their homemade pancakes. The rest of meat around bones will be shredded and made into soup, fried rice or noodles according to your own liking and choice. Usually a whole duck shared between 4-6 people with a couple more dishes is more than enough. And a whole duck is 58 pounds, extremely humble pricing for something done to perfection, regardless of the location. The place is never on “hot list”, but it remains an all time favourite for […]

The Oriental

The trip back to China was filled by meetings with friends and family up and down the country. We landed in Shanghai, and then visited both my husbands and my cities which had a good 700 kilometres between them. Within the 3 weeks, it took us more than 3 whole days purely being on the road. And for all the other precious times, we spent them deep in family reunion mode. Hence there was the only day when I had some spare time for this very much tourist-like fashion post for you. The weather back in China was proper London summer weather(China will get hotter in summer of course, usually around 40C mid summer when all your fashion sense just evaporates with the heat). I brought this beautiful duster coat/kimono that I had purchased just before the trip in River Island(refer to my last post) with me. It’s got this amazing oriental print with cranes flying through clouds. And the splits on the lower half of the coat gives it beautiful movements when you walk(/run/jump/twirl/etc.). It seemed all too appropriate for a trip to China. I visited the previous residence for the legendary Mao in my own city Wuhan. The houses hide away from all the city centre buzzes by surrounding themselves with miles of trees, park and one of the biggest lakes in the middle of a city in China. Thoughtfully laid out little gardens, floating restaurant by the lake…just how a country leader would know to treat himself. // Oriental Print Kimono Jacket from River Island // // Sleeveless Shirt from H&M // // High Waisted Shorts (similar) from ASOS // // Falabella Tote from Stella McCartney on // // Black Trainers (similar) from Nike //

Oxford Street River Island Style Studio

Before I went on my China trip, I paid a little visit to the (then)newly launched Style Studio at Oxford Street River Island looking for some great holiday pieces. Basically, this is a personal shopping service(all very much free) that you can prebook with the shop that will allow you to have a stylist pick a full rail of clothing completely according to your fashion needs(which you’ll specify in an email prior to the visit). There are drinks, unlimited number of items you can try on, sofa, and your stylist discreetly waiting on the side should you need more assistance or advice along the way. The entire Style Studio area is impeccably decorated with a lot of rose gold, vivid-coloured prints and tropical themed objects. Comparing to the often hectic shop floor, it feels like an oasis. Based on the info I provided in my email, my stylist Nadyia chose a variety of  items for me all ready waiting for me in the changing room on my arrival. She went through all the pieces with me before I jumped in any, giving some styling tips as she goes a long, and finally if there were any item that I completely disagreed with, she’d take it away and go to pick something else for me instead. Being myself, open and interested to try any style, I didn’t say no to a thing.(Plus, there was really nothing I didn’t like anyway) Well in the end I did take my time and spent almost a good hour in there, sipping drinks and making twirls in front of the mirrors. Feeling as relaxed and pampered as I was, the best part of the experience was still the fact of having someone other than yourself(who had an extremely great sense of style) picking out clothes for you. Because even for someone […]

Evening Luxe

I must have said it like ten times on here about my love for reversible pieces(basically two for the price of one, so..). But this reversible quilted coat from Temperley London just brings the game to a whole new level. I want to apologies for the delay in posting this look. But I had a wonderfully busy trip back to China for the past three weeks where Blogger was completely banned just like how Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all were(and yes, people survived!). But enough with that, now I am back.  So this look was for an evening out to a concert in Royal Albert Hall back in the beginning of May. I reached for some of the most luxe textures in my wardrobe thinking about the grandeur of the venue itself. Satin, silk, sequin, leather…trying to mix them all up without feeling overboard, I opted for all neutral, muted colours.  // Reversible Satin Quilted Coat (similar) from Temperley London // // Lola Sequin Dress from Little White Lies // //Shirt (similar) from Mango // // Book Clutch (similar) from Kate Spade on // // Beige Knee Boots(similar) from Gucci // Hope you like this quick update, and I’ll catch up with you all soon:) Have a wonderful long weekend whatever you have planned.

Hereford Road On Hereford Road

Finally, a long waited restaurant post! I really should do this more often as I surely dine out QUITE A LOT, and there are so many places I mean to check out! Now put my guilty feelings aside, this is a true local gem if you ever find yourself around Notting Hill and feeling peckish. Hereford Road is a modest place. Simple and sleek, white metro-tiled background with leather seatings, no background music at all but just some gentle chatter and the rustling sound of knives and forks. All waiters are dressed in pitch black linen, discreetly attentive. You probably get the feeling already, the place is purely and truly about its food. As we finished ordering, bread and butter were served immediately. The bread was very convincing of the quality we had expected for the rest of the meal, still warm with a crunchy crust and a fluffy yet solid centre. I told myself to have just one slice, but the plate was soon emptied as my wine and starter came.  I loved the row of seatings where I sat on that day. They were a row of two-seaters leather bench/sofa(almost) separated with leather panel/handles. So you and your dining parter would sit sort of side by side, but with an angle, which is cosy and snugged, but you can also see each other’s face while talking without having to keep turning your head to a side. I personally would love to see this kind of seating arrangements used so much more! Someone tell me if they know whether there’s a specific name to these. After a good look around my environment and a sightseeing trip to the toilet. My starter was on the table waiting for me as I got back: The grilled leek with boiled egg and tarragon. Leeks […]

Black Out

It’s really quite rare for me to wear a lot of black since I love colours, patterns and things that glitter! But once in a while, even I have to admit that black is probably the most universally flattering colour for most people, and the fast track to look instantly chic and smart. My all black outfit consisted of: // Crinkle Effect Midi Dress from H&M (ON SALE!) // // Cape Style Blazer (similar) from Lavish Alice on ASOS // // Trainers (similar) from // // Bag from Carven on Monnier // And before I’m off, I have to blab a bit about my new found love for this bag from Parisian brand Carven. When I saw it on display at Fenwick, Bond Street, I fell completely in love. The quality and feel to this bag is just beautiful with its minimal/normcore design; decent size and capacity contrary to most of the “IT” bags at the moment. And the design of the buckle is so simple yet smart. Everything about this bag shouts understated style and practicality. For me, I knew I was in love when I had to have something knowing there was nothing trendy about it. And that was exactly the case with this lovely Carven Bag.

White Heat

Sunshine and heat all of a sudden hit London. I’m not complaining at all here, but it was a bit unreal and difficult to accept this ‘too-good-to-be-true’ reality. Who’s not a fan of blue sky, pink blossoms and bright sunshine? I mean, even Olaf loves summer! Unless I’m avoiding looking too much like a bride, otherwise I’ll always choose white over black. I love the colour white, and I’m so happy to see white on white becomes a hit trend in fashion. That means we’re sure to see more designs and styles available in white come from the all brands we love. I’ve recently opened up the H&M website, and this white blazer on the main slider instantly caught my eyes, and won over my heart. I decided to go all out and went for an entirely white outfit. I loved the all white look, only that it looked a tiny bit too smart for just a normal daily look. Of course it might not be a concern for some people at all. But I have found that using some light colours on accessories, especially if you had a scarf to break down the all white structure, the look would instantly become more casual and relaxed. // White Blazer from H&M (now with 10% off all orders) // // White Jeggings from Uniqlo // // Scarf (similar) from Hobbs //  or // Scarf 2 (similar) from Hobbs // // White Cashmere Jumper (similar) from Uniqlo // // Marble Print (PERFECTION!) Bag from Rebecca Minkoff (unfortunately now sold out everywhere:((() // // Ankle Boots (similar) from Noë on Zalando //

Never Get Bored

I admit, this is one of those articles that doesn’t have any theme at all! It’s just living in London, I often get struck by how beautiful and interesting this city is, and how lucky I am to spend this time of my life here. The city is never, ever boring. And being a part of this city, you must never, ever be boring as well.  The weather here changes, all the time. Sometimes rather dramatically within just a day. So we get this amazing sky, sometimes half showered in sunshine and half covered by the darkest clouds(talking about my favourite type of sky-scape).  And the buildings..Oh, let me correct myself..I mean, the architecture, the culture, history, and the mood of the place can make everyone an instant scriptwriter. There are so many characters, so many stories as you walk down the roads of London. I can promise that you’ll never get bored. Every street, every building, every park, every statue is another story, and there’s no predicting what amazing view is waiting for you around the corner.  And dressing boring feels like a real crime in London. No matter which trend you follow(or maybe the only thing you follow is your own heart), just be daring, be creative, and be comfortable with yourself.  // Fitted Jumper(similar) from Zara // // Coat(similar) from Zara // // Cropped Wide Leg Trousers(similar) from Zara // // Brown Leather Ankle Boots(similar) from ASOS // // Beckett Tote Bag (different colour) from Stella McCartney on // // Belt from H&M //      

A Quick Evening Out Outfit

I always try to make plans early and take time to think about what to wear, and enjoy the couple of hours showering, putting on makeup, and getting ready for my evening plans. Be it a dinner with friends, a trip to the theatre or other social events. But having the time to plan and prepare for a evening out is simply not feasible all the time. And this outfit was something that I had to create under one of those circumstances. A perfectly fitted dress with a flared hem line is a type of cut that’s flattering to most body features. So no wonder it’s an instant go-to piece when it comes to choosing what to wear for a evening out. And the colour navy may be the next most versatile colour to black, especially when it comes to evening wear. It’s just a little more colourful than black or grey, and it can always be dressed up or down, formal or casual, with your choice of accessories. // Navy Flared Dress(similar) from Monsoon // // Bright Yellow Coat(similar) from Oasis //  // Cobalt Blue Bag(similar) from Missguided // // Golden Heels(similar) from Little-Mistress // So basically, a fitted, flattering dress; a colourful, fun coverup; and a pair of metallic heels — easy to recreate, and I’m sure will be appropriate and interesting for most occasions you have in your diary. What’s your own version of a go-to evening out outfit?

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