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Family Sunday Itinerary

Sunday used to be my favourite day of the week,a day dedicated to chilling. That’s until we got a nanny and Sunday was her off day. So when you try to choose among 10 types of bread rather than going for the first one you see, while having a tantrum throwing baby lying on the floor next to …


I realised that I’ve made up a cheesy word for the title of this article. But if I could ever make up one word to describe anything, I would not regret this one. And in the future dictionary, when you look up “pearlicious”, the definition will display the following pictures.

Back to Mono

Starting a blog is a learning curve for me. Multi-tasking to the max and carrying several cameras around all the time is something I’m slowly getting use to. But there are just some mysteries about being a blogger that I have yet to find out about: 1. How do all fellow fashion bloggers pose i …

Baby blue heaven

No more blue for boys and pink for girls. This baby blue no one will be able resist. That Chloe cape please come to my wardrobe! I can see myself wrapped in you to fashion week and on the couch for the rest of 2014.

A Nod to Printed Shorts

This summer I live by my shorts. They really give infinite possibilities for your outfit if you care to play around with different shapes, colours and prints. And yes, a plain top with a pair of printed shorts instantly inject style into your outfit than doing it the other way round. It is so ea …

Day at the office

Not your typical 9-5 look, But here’s my outfit for fixing up a gloomy day. Too much red? (As a Chinese)I don’t think so.  Rose print blouse from Lavish Alice(similar), Necklace is old from H&M (similar styles can be found literately all over the pla …

Neon Sunshine

Just a casual look for the weekend. This was my outfit worn on the way to my Saturday brunch. Kept it modest with a dash of happy colour to set the mood for two “glorious nothing days” (which didn’t turn out to be the case as I ended up working for the whole day today, bah..)Well anyways, there …

Trying My Hands on Summery Palette

summery palette by itissweetchili featuring a black purse Adore the these minty, icy colours for the summer. But not without a pop of colour! That playful and sporty bikini top from Acacia, is what’s going to transform this otherwise 9-5 office uniform into a fun & edgy, fabulous girl …

A Little Present

There’s some sort of a baby boom going on at the moment for sure. There are five babies popping out between August and September this year from just the people I know.

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