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Family Sunday Itinerary

Sunday used to be my favourite day of the week,a day dedicated to chilling. That’s until we got a nanny and Sunday was her off day. So when you try to choose among 10 types of bread rather than going for the first one you see, while having a tantrum throwing baby lying on the floor next to you, and two dogs pulling the leashes in your hand barking at some innocent passerby…it becomes a bit of a challenge. Suddenly, your self-image goes from Ann in Roman Holiday to Nanny Mcphee in, well, Nanny Mcphee.  If you let me think back on what happened on the past Sunday, I can tell you it was a blurry mess, and a lot of shouting were involved. But apart from those, these also happened: The family arrived at Whole Foods Kensington for some grocery top up. But first we hit the food hall to get some lunch. The layout of the food hall is very spacious and open, with an organic and industrial interior deco. It’s an extremely family friendly space too, with the widest selection of highchairs I’ve ever seen other than a furniture shop. As you enter, you can see and smell all the food stalls, which is instantly appetising.  I opted for brown rice with toppings of steak slices(pink in the middle as well),aubergine, mixed veg, spring onions and peanuts. I ended up with a mountain of food in my bowl, which costed just 8 pounds–give me a reason to ever cook again? Halfway through digging in my food mountain, Jade woke up(surprise!). She started screaming the second her eyes were open, and Shang sweetly offered to take her to the gelato stall. So I was able to keep on eating and even snapping some more pictures. The moment of bread-picking, and deciding […]

Tutorial: 30 Seconds Updo (with bendable silver necklace)

 This is an amazingly fast updo that everybody can try at home. I was trying on the necklace when the idea suddenly hit me!  If your hair is soft/wavy/curly, it’ll literately take about 30 seconds. My hair’s usually poker straight and extremely tough. So just to make it easier to manage, I have to curl my hair beforehand.  This bendy necklace you can find easily by searching the web(click here). I got my one a few years back in Spitalfields Market near Liverpool street, London. But I guess those twist scarf headband like the ones from American Apparel (and similar here or here) would also do, depending on your outfit of the day and what kind of occasion it is for. The rest will be very straight forward once you watch the GIF in this tutorial. Enjoy! How amazing is that? No need for any bobby pins or products. If any of you readers decide to give it a go at home, I’d be thrilled to see a picture of that:)


I realised that I’ve made up a cheesy word for the title of this article. But if I could ever make up one word to describe anything, I would not regret this one. And in the future dictionary, when you look up “pearlicious”, the definition will display the following pictures. I never have doubt in Japanese craftsmanship, and this is just another perfect example from TASAKI design. I had my breakfast, then spent most of the morning drooling over these wonderful pieces from the brand. And I don’t know about you, but to me this last one would make a perfect alternative engagement ring. That cheeky little diamond trying to hide in between those pretty pearls — I haven’t seen anything cuter! Be careful when clicking on the link TASAKI JAPAN since it could be very addictive.

Back to Mono

Starting a blog is a learning curve for me. Multi-tasking to the max and carrying several cameras around all the time is something I’m slowly getting use to. But there are just some mysteries about being a blogger that I have yet to find out about: 1. How do all fellow fashion bloggers pose in public without feeling great pressure from the people passing by? 2. After taking tens and sometimes hundreds(well, an exaggeration but you get the picture) of food shots, is it just me or does everyone else eat cold meals by the end of it? However, I’m loving this. And let me stop complaining and hopefully get you some outfit inspirations. Silk dress from H&M TREND, similar styles click here or here. White jumper from Mango, and similar style here. Bracelet also from Mango, watch from Links(in a different colour), Tote bag from Issey Miyake Baobao, and shoes you’ve seen in previous post “Take me on vacation”  from DKNY. 

Baby blue heaven

No more blue for boys and pink for girls. This baby blue no one will be able resist. That Chloe cape please come to my wardrobe! I can see myself wrapped in you to fashion week and on the couch for the rest of 2014. Baby blue heaven by itissweetchili featuring modernica chairs

A Nod to Printed Shorts

This summer I live by my shorts. They really give infinite possibilities for your outfit if you care to play around with different shapes, colours and prints. And yes, a plain top with a pair of printed shorts instantly inject style into your outfit than doing it the other way round. It is so easy that it feels like cheating! Outfit above, orange leather cami top from ASOS, shorts from Dagmar, Gold-tone loafers(similar) from Tod’s, Velocity Rose Gold Mini Pendant from Boodles, and earring with amazing feathers feature from the amazing parisian brand Stalactite.(their entire collection is on my wish list!) Outfit below, top from Mango Premium, shorts with lovely geo-prints in brushstrokes from Chinese brand Chictopia, online shop click here, or similar styles from here & here. Bag from Bimba y Lola, mule heels(similar) from Topshop, and earrings(similar) from ASOS.

Day at the office

Not your typical 9-5 look, But here’s my outfit for fixing up a gloomy day. Too much red? (As a Chinese)I don’t think so.  Rose print blouse from Lavish Alice(similar), Necklace is old from H&M (similar styles can be found literately all over the place right now, just search for statement necklace with sparkly stones) White satin shirt is an old one from Cheap Monday, Tote bag from JKC (similar styles). I would love to live by that quote on the bag: “Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed Before Lunch”. But I just don’t see it happening any time soon yet! Red city shorts are old from Tommy Hilfiger (other colour options available). Or if you really fancy the colour, Tokyo Laundry have a similar pair. Gold-tone loafers from Gap, but of course you’ll find them at their best with Tod’s as always. Many thanks to my significant other, for snapping away during the valuable lunch break!

Neon Sunshine

Just a casual look for the weekend. This was my outfit worn on the way to my Saturday brunch. Kept it modest with a dash of happy colour to set the mood for two “glorious nothing days” (which didn’t turn out to be the case as I ended up working for the whole day today, bah..)Well anyways, there you go.  Jumpsuit is an old one from ASOS, but I wear it every summer! It is such a practical piece with a little “surprise” at the back. Similar look to be found here and here. Earrings are from Made by EA Burns. The go-to sunnies which I’ve been wearing almost everyday since I got them are from Miu Miu, Handbag was a purchase from when I went back to China earlier in May.  I’ve decided to have an entirely separated paragraph dedicated to those heavenly wedged sandals from Toni Pons. No matter it’s a stroll in the city, or an excursion in the park, these shoes give you just that bit of extra height without compromising any comfort. The way those shoes hug your feet(yes, they do hug),it feels like they have been tailor made just for you. And at £45.00 a pair, I suggest everyone to just go and get a pair, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And finally, happy monday everyone! Weekends are overrated anyways.

Trying My Hands on Summery Palette

summery palette by itissweetchili featuring a black purse Adore the these minty, icy colours for the summer. But not without a pop of colour! That playful and sporty bikini top from Acacia, is what’s going to transform this otherwise 9-5 office uniform into a fun & edgy, fabulous girls day out outfit! And with such a mix of colours and textures, I’d keep my jewellery selection at a minimal for the look. Had great fun playing around on! It makes every girl’s being a fashion editor dream come true. Ermmmm… this can be addictive.

A Little Present

There’s some sort of a baby boom going on at the moment for sure. There are five babies popping out between August and September this year from just the people I know. When you hear that someone’s having a baby, the best thing is that you get to buy some of the cutest but most ridiculous/useless baby related products as presents. And I can’t even begin to count the presents like that lying around my house from when Jade was born. But this time I want to give something really special and meaningful(and not taking half of the space in a room). So I decide to shoot some maternity photographs for my friend Clare. She’s expecting her baby in the end of August. And last week when she was in her antenatal class, one lady’s water broke and got sent straight into the delivery room. And that’s when we decided it might be a good time to have Clare’s photo shoot session done ASAP! As a first-time maternity photographer, I learned my lessons during the process of the shoot. And here are a few tips I’d like to share with other amateurs like me. – Talk to your client about her personality, style and hobbies. Since I’d already knew Clare so well, I didn’t have to do this. But it is something vitally important. Clare is one of the most cheerful people I know, always light hearted and happy(despite the pregnancy mood swings). We’ve got a lot of common interests, like fashion, design, photography… both love sunshine(you’ll surprised when you find out how few Chinese people actually like being in the sun).You want to make sure that her personality shines through, so her pictures won’t be like anyone else’s.  – Look after your client’s mood. Even I was shooting my best friend, […]

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