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Bank Holiday Weekend Getaway

Just another carefully decorated house and well kept garden–that’s the Chatsworth House. One cannot help but to think about how Mr. Darcy elegantly lived his life in here: strolling down these corridors and garden paths.  A part from that reason, I personally feel like I can spend days there just for the endless home improvement inspirations. I’m pretty sure I’ll start buying new wall papers or moving furnitures around in the next few days. Within and around the house, there’s also a mixture of old and modern art pieces scattered here and there. Other than that, quality farm deli shops, restaurants and tea rooms can be found along the way as well. It’s the ideal place to visit for art lovers/design lovers/food lovers/English drama lovers/garden lovers(and I’m sure that those pretty much include everyone). I wore the maxi dress that I bought for the summer but didn’t get the chance to wear. For some added warmth, you can always choose to layer a shirt/jacket/jumper over it. Dress: ASOS, Shirt: MSGM or George(similar), Cardigan: Carven(similar), Sneakers: Ash(similar), Belt: Bought from a local shop in Edinburgh, similar style here, Bag: Botkier

All You Can Eat In The Shard

We headed for a semi-buffet style lunch at Oblix in the Shard. It featured a menu with a buffet table for your starter and dessert, and you can choose a main from 4-5  options. It was the perfect blend of great views, casual tasty bites and going for seconds on desserts, and only costed 29 pounds each!  Oversized jumper is the obvious choice when you go for a buffet…duhhh! I paired it with a flared scuba skirt just because I was feeling girly. And taking the grey and sparkle from my jumper, I wore the pair of flats from Melissa. Jumper: similar style to be found here, Skirt: similar style to be found here, Flats: Melissa, And the same scarf from Muji and shades from Miu Miu as in this article.

Mixing Textures

Today I’ve chosen a few different textures of similar golden tones to create this casual yet lux look. Quilted Sweatshirt: Old from H&M, similar style here & here, Biker style golden jeans: Old from ASOS, similar style here, Bag: Old from 7 for All Mankind, similar style here, Scarf: Old, similar colour and style here or here


It feels like summer has sort of come to an end for London. I, for one, am very happy to acknowledge the fact. Why? Because finally it’s time to wear more than just one layer now. We get to be creative, playful and strategic about how we dress, i.e. there is room to hide all the unwanted fat and imperfections. And here’s my look fresh off the train from Edinburgh(it’s practically winter over there already. Be thankful all you London people!). Cardigan: Maison Scotch, Wrap dress: DVF(different pattern), Flare Jeans:ASOS(similar), Sneakers: Ash(similar), Sunglasses:Miu Miu, Multiway scarf: Muji (wore in multiple articles) Earrings: Kevia (Scarf,sunglasses and earrings were also wore here)

Forget about Monaco

Now here is just something I need to note down to remind myself that I’m no longer in a place that’s 30 degrees. I AM IN EDINBURGH. Well, I’m just not ready for jackets/coats/cardigans yet alright? Black Crop top: ASOS(similar), Camel wide leg trousers: Dorothy Perkins(similar), Two-part flats: Melissa (as seen before here), Bag: Sophie Hulme(different pattern), Earrings: Kevia And here I’d like to say thank you to my dearest friend Lin in Edinburgh, for taking the shots for me in the rain!(and squatting)


I went to Monaco for a short holiday, and it was love at first sight. Of course there were the famous beach, sun, casino, super cars, tourists in model shapes and fancy dresses etc. But I was also fascinated with the plants, big blocks of apartment buildings(and their balconies), the amount of amazing design elements, and just the general colours and geometric shapes this country was filled with. Here I’d like to share with you some of the best moments of the trip. Orange crop top: ASOS(similar), High waisted denim shorts: Missguided(similar), Backpack: Prada(similar), Wrap mini dress: Mason(similar), Two-part flats: Melissa, Black maxi dress: Jarlo

Day and Night

I’ve never done so many “British” activities in one weekend! A friend from abroad came to visit, and we tried to show her the best that Britain had to offer. And we might have just covered almost everything. Here’s a list of things we did/saw/ate/experienced: stay in an English countryside mansion, have afternoon tea, have alcohol during afternoon tea, play croquet(while drinking), play snooker(while having booze), have a full English breakfast, have sunday roasts in a pub, get wet in an unexpected shower in an otherwise sunny day…and many more. Doesn’t it sound glorious? But for the time being I’ll just stick to the fashion side of things. To start off the day, obviously I chose the colours that represented Britain. T-shirt: The white t-shirt co.; Jumper: Mango(similar); trousers: Urban outfitters(similar from ASOS or Michael Kors); Backpack: Prada(similar);Aviator sunglasses: Juicy Couture(similar from Ray-Ban),Clip-in ombre hair extension was a purchase in China, but similar ones are on here too. And thanks to Quan Spa for my lovely shellac nails. Totally worth skipping breakfast for! Later that day, we went to a dinner party in the dining room of Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire with breathtaking views. For the evening, I hopped into this trusty LBD from the Zara sale. The particular style is now sold out, but you can always recreate this style by layering skirt(like this one from Topshop or this one from Jason Wu) under dress/skirt(like this or this, both from  Cropped fur gilet: similar ones from Isabel Marant or Roberto Cavalli; Heels from Jessica Simpson(different colour here, but a very comfortable design), or similar colour & style from Christian Louboutin.  For the record, I don’t smoke. But standing on that spot at that moment feeling all James Bond’s girl-ish(and chilly), a cigarette seemed to fit in the picture perfectly.   P.S. by the end of a day like this, if you catch your other half typing away on her/his phone, then I’m sorry to tell you […]

3 Looks with Track Pants

I didn’t realise how much I wore this pair of trousers until I organised my outfit snapshots. These track-pants-style trousers are a truly versatile piece in the wardrobe that I would recommend to girls of all body shapes. Here are three different looks I’d done with it in just the past week. I would have styled each look with more contrast if I knew I was going to do a post like this. But I guess at lease you can see in these pictures, how different garments and materials look with the trousers, and how you can style them to go from day to night. My trousers were from DKNY. But they are really on trend (have been for a while too) so you can pretty much find them anywhere. (E.g. Rag & Bone, Stella Mccartney, Topshop) First look: Top from ASOS(I loved the top so much that I got it in both colours); Sandals from DKNY(similar), cuff from Bimba y Lola Second look: Sweatshirt from Petit Bateau by Satu Maaranen, Necklace from Mawi, Ring from Bex Rox, Bag from Bao Bao Issey Miyake(similar), Shoes from DKNY(similar) Third look: Shirt from & Other Stories, Shoes from Marni(bought past season from Bicester Village),Bag from COS(similar), earrings were new additions which I love from a local shop.

Too Cool For the Office

It’s always fun to be a bit rebellious. Today I wore this lovely piece of dress(an old one too, which is the best) from COS. By the look of it on a hanger, it seems like the perfect dress to walk around your office in. But when you try it on, it’s got this completely inappropriately low neckline for presenting yourself in front of your boss. By all means, you can still wear it to work and look incredible provided that you sensibly layer it on top a sleeveless shirt (e.g. like this) or a turtleneck t-shirt (e.g. like this).   But here’s how I styled it today (since there was no office/court/school trip included in my plan). Dress from COS (similar style), Bag and Shoes(also wore here) from Bimba y Lola & Zara(similar style from Topshop), Shoes in the top picture were Shang’s(because it was impossible to walk on there with my heels), from Marni menswear; Short necklace from Bill Skinner (similar), Long necklace from & Other Stories (similar), Bracelet from Kenneth Jay Lane

Recipe: Three Cups Chicken (San Bei Ji, 三杯鸡)

This is a signature Taiwanese dish, with a strong taste acquired from basil, sesame, soy sauce and wine. When done right, the chicken is aromatic and tasty, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  But I hate checking out recipes and in the end realising that I can’t possibly gather all the ingredients or don’t own some of the equipments. So here’s a list of all the things you’ll need to cook this delicious Taiwanese treat: Equipment: A stir-fry wok,            A Chinese clay pot Ingredient: 600g Chicken thighs & drumsticks with skins on;(again would be perfect, but I had thigh fillets without skins, luckily there were some fat bits on the chicken, which I separated from the meat and used as the skins)             4-5 Shallots;(are ideal, but I didn’t have any so I mixed some onion and garlic to try to reassemble the taste)              5 pieces of thinly sliced ginger             1-5 Chili peppers(fresh/dry) really depending the size and how spicy they are;             4-6 stems of fresh basil; Seasoning for the sauce: Olive oil 2 tbsp;                          Sesame oil 3 tbsp;                           Soy sauce 5 tbsp;                          Chinese rice wine 米酒/Shaoxing wine 绍兴酒 5tbsp;                          Rock sugar/crystallised sugar 冰糖 2-3 tbsp; And one last fair warning before we get started: this recipe is a real treat. It would not be ideal if you were on a diet and trying to […]

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