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That’s A Wrap

You might have successfully resisted the blanket/wrap trend in the previous seasons (like me), but you are not getting away this season. Plus, putting the fashion stuff aside, who’s to say no to the perfect excuse of going out wrapping yourself in a snuggly blanket? I’m not necessarily the exact trend follower(hope you can tell by reading this blog). But to me, this is the best trend that’s been going around since trainers became smart and chic.  Wrap from Zara, with this Chloé number in my mind, White T-shirt from & Other Stories, Skirt from Zara sale, similar styles can be found here and here, Loafers, similar style from ASOS, Bracelet from Kenneth Jay Lane (also worn in this post), Black stone ring, similar from here, Fingertip ring, similar here. Now a whole new sentence dedicated to the brooch, which in my opinion, is the best accessory to style a wrap with. I chose a delicate piece with my initial letter G, but really you can be creative with it, i.e. time to hit the vintage markets:) Brooch ideas: John Lewis, Dsquared2, or Portobello market!

How To Survive A Car Exhibition For (Car) Dummies

Firstly, go to one where unlimited food and champaign is served. But apart from that, even for a dummy like me who didn’t know a thing about cars other than the colour and size(roughly), there were still plenty of things to look at and enjoy at the Salon Privé. Of course your male companion on the other hand, would feel like he was going to heaven.  However, let’s take a look at my outfit for the day first so if you really have no interest in cars whatsoever, you don’t even have to scroll all the way down the bottom of this post.:) Sleeveless blazer(again): similar styles at Dorothy Perkins or Pinko, also seen in this post, Satin blouse was from Cheap Monday, but you can find similar ones here and here, Trousers from H&M studio, Shoes, similar from Urban Outfitters (also worn here & here), Bag from Zara (also worn here). Chain necklace, similar from here and here, Rings, similar from here and here.  Now back to the car thing…Secondly, (try to)imagine you’re at a fashion show. It was really a bit like a fashion show for cars and their owners. The exhibition started in the car park. I guess that’s the equivalent to those street styles you see around show venues. Thirdly, look beyond the cars. There were some proud owners and extremely well-dressed admirers… and a creepy cigar salesman. But someone could not resist the temptation. 🙂  Needless to say, there were some of the most beautiful and well looked after cars on display. I was even starting to get moved by a few myself. It was right then when afternoon tea was served, and yum! The day ended with an epic car parade. Pretty much everyone was excited up on their feet, I just happened to have caught the only one who wasn’t as enthusiastic.  And if after all attempts you’re still bored, they do have a nail salon on the site as well. […]


I’m a proud believer in traditional values and ways of doing things. One of many things I like to collect is notebook. As (seemingly) convenient as the modern technology is, I always prefer using pen and paper when I feel the need to jot something down. On my desk, there is the digital pile(including my Laptop, ipad, and cameras). And there’s the paper pile (consisting of a red Moleskine, a A4 size sketch book, a thick layer of sticky notes, and a box of Pantone swash cards). As if they were not enough, last week I decided to venture out and get myself a new little member for my notebook family.  This time I’m aiming for one with a slim body that would fit in all my bags, and doesn’t create much extra weight for my shoulder. I’ll keep it with me all the time for when inspirations struck.  Here’s what I wore: Wool cap from H&M,  Mock shirt jumper was an old purchase, you can easily recreate the style by layering a REAL jumper over a REAL shirt, Leggings from Uniqlo HEATTECH, Over the knee boots, similar styles from Stella Mccartney or Steve Madden, Oriental print coat was an old piece from River Island, the closest thing I can find now is this one. But if you’re particularly into oriental prints, there are a lot of them around now on those kimono style jackets, Bag from Zara. In the end I got this little cutie. And yes, I took the chance to have a good laugh at myself and personalised it with my initials. On that note, I think it’s a good time to end the article.:)

Sleeveless Blazer

Call me ignorant, but I never realised the power of sleeveless blazers until I owned one. You can throw it on almost everything. Be it a shirt, a dress, a jumper, a t-shirt… when you layer your sleeveless blazer on, you instantly get an smart and edgy look, appropriate for business meetings, dinners, clubs and more. I’ll try to do more styles with it in the coming posts. Here I’m wearing just a simple legging and silk cami top underneath.  Sleeveless blazer: similar styles at Dorothy Perkins or Pinko, Silk Camisole: similar styles at Vince or Tibi, Leggings: Uniqlo Heattech, Mule heels(similar) from Topshop (also featured in this post), Earrings: ASOS, Illusion Rings: ASOS, Filigree Ring: ASOS.

Clashing+Matching Fun

Fashion is always about having some fun and not taking yourself too seriously:) When you’re in the mood for colours and funky statement accessories, do not ever hold back!  Beanie with veil (similar here); Layered necklaces you can create by layering a few of your own pieces like what I did, or just wear ready mixed ones like this piece from New Look; Striped sweater from Barbour(similar), or other similar styles can be found here & here; Full midi leather skirt, similar styles on here or here; Shoes: similar from Urban Outfitters (also worn in this post)

Mango Sale Picks For The New Season

The new season is officially upon us. You get flooded with newsletters, catalogues, window displays, magazines from your favourite fashion brands and department stores telling you what to wear and invest in for the new season. Listen to them for the styling tips, but don’t think you can only spend your money on the “new in” items. Sometimes you find just the right garment for your new look in the sales. Here I’ve taken a few picks from the still-going-on-what Mango sale that can revolutionise your AW wardrobe without breaking the bank. Of course there are plenty of other brands where there’s still sale going on, I only picked Mango today as an example(also because I was shopping on there too). Note that with each look, I’m using one of the pieces to achieve another look just to demonstrate again, shopping strategically is so much fun(and save you money too, of course). 1. White-on-white: Skirt, Cardigan, Polka dot dress, Shirt  2. Flared jeans with (white) jacket…or a parka…or a black overcoat:  Flared jeans, Military style shirt, White jacket, Parka, Black coat 3. Going back to work(just add the white pleated skirt & the black overcoat) Shirt Finally, an accessory that’s going to work with all three looks–the metallic clutch(also in the sale): Bag All pictures courtesy to Mango UK official website.

How I Spend My Weekends (Hint: A Lot Of Eating Is Usually Included)

For me, the most important things for weekend styles are, 1: instant style fix that keeps preparation time to a minimum; 2: stay comfortable. To achieve this, a pair of jeans that fit and flatter your shape is usually essential. Look 1: Blanket style scarf: ASOS, Shirt: Equipment, similar style here, Jeans: similar from Uniqlo, Shoes: similar from Urban Outfitters, Bag: Botkier, also wore in this post. Bracelet: Bimba y Lola, Arrow spiral ring was a find in Paris, similar style here, Alphabet stacking rings: similar style here, Look 2: Same jeans as in look one, Reversible bomber from Isabel Marant (different colour choice here, also seen in this post), Bag: Old from 7 for All Mankind, also wore in this post, Trainers: Nike similar style here. Same belt wore in this post. What’s next? Brunch? Market? Shopping? or a bit of everything! Happy weekend:)

Christopher’s at Covent Garden + Cellar Door (Ex-Public Toilet Now Cabaret Bar)

I don’t like to get all sentimental all the time. But every time when I’m around Covent Garden, I feel instantly taken to the past. It was the first place I visited when I came to London 8 years ago. It was my first accommodation when I went to uni 7 years ago — a squeezy shared flat just off the Strand. It was the place I went for meals, shoppings, dates, inspirations, etc. I’ve seen all the street performances around the market more than once. I’ve spent quality times of my incredible youth here. But enough of those. I went for dinner at Christopher’s last evening. I arrived early to take a walk around my Covent Garden, looking at(inspecting, almost) the new shops, making sure that they fit in with the whole place(as if it was any of my business). Then I sat down at the martini bar, and enjoyed a little drink and their rather glamorous interior. As we moved on to dinner, Christopher’s proved its American quality with a menu featuring a wide selection of solid meats, various types of fries, and the signature ‘Surf n Turf’. The dinner was too fulfilling that I had to get a “strong coffee” afterwards at the nearby ex-public-toilet-now-cabaret-bar aka Cellar Door. For such a great night out, I wore: Reversible bomber from Isabel Marant (different colour choice here, Off the shoulder top sold out from & other stories, similar here, Leather trousers similar here(legging version) or here, Shoes bought past season from Marni(also seen in this post), similar styles here and here, Matching necklace and ring from Tasaki balance collection, Bag from Issey Miyake(also seen in a few previous posts)

Electric Blue

Couldn’t help but to put some colours on when the day was grey like, well, clay. Leather jacket: similar from here or here, Mixed texture jersey top: old one from COS, Blue cotton trousers: similar from here, Wooden platform heels: similar from here, Bag: Botkier, Choker: similar here, layering necklace: similar here, Silver bar bracelet: here(similar),Cuff bracelet: LOVE catier

New designer: Rosie Assoulin

Here’s the first post without pictures of myself or taken by myself, and I’m glad that it’s featuring Michelle Dockery in Rosie Assoulin.  I love how Rosie Assoulin’s line has this great quality of being elegantly daring, including this red carpet piece. I’ve chosen 4 pieces from its AW14 and Resort 15 collections each that I would love to see more of. All pictures courtesy to Rosie Assoulin‘s official website, except from the one of Michelle at the Emmy’s from here.

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