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Review Of A 40-Pound Dress

This is the 40 pounds Altuzarra for Target wrap dress. I got it as soon as their collection launched on Net-A-Porter, but only put it on for the first time last evening for a concert.

The Treasure Island

 I don’t know where all the time has gone, but it is the Lapada fair again! Set up at the same Mayfair spot in Berkeley square, the Lapada tent surfaced the ground like a treasure island, full of wonders and excitements. 

Would You Come For A Walk With Me?

We live in this time when everybody is going somewhere, planning something, meeting someone. “What are your plans for the weekend?”, “What’s your plan for summer?”, “Any plans for tonight?” are always the questions being asked. It almost seems like having no “exciting/crazy/pushing your own limi …

The All Purpose Coat (And Your Best Market Dessert)

I used to think of Helene Berman only as a hat designer. It was only last year that I happily stumbled upon its amazing clothing collections. In her collections, you will find all these lovely outerwear like the one I wore almost for the entire week. The fabric is lightweight, soft and warm. Ext …

Day At The Museum

Living in a city like London opens up some of the greatest sides of the world to you. There are always wonderful things happening around this town, some in the rather premium central spots, some in the most unexpected little corner or basement well out of the popular zones. If you’re someone lik …

The Autumn Colour [Continued]

Let’s get straight to it. Here are two looks I’ve worn during the LFW with my ‘Camel’ theme. The key piece in each look is actually what I keep reaching out for time after time whether if I want to be creative or just lay back with the basics. For wardrobe essentials like these, it is definitely …

The Autumn Colour

I’ve been playing this little game with myself to wear a bit of camel through out the days of LFW S/S 15. Camel for me, is the safest, go-to colour other than black. It is natural, easy-going, warm and never out of fashion. And needless to say, it is the perfect seasonal colour to comfortably bl …

3 Top Trends For S/S 15 From The Bests

The S/S 15 London Fashion Week is in its full-on mode right now. Here are 3 great trends that’s been going around that I’ve picked up for you from a few of my favourite brands. Have fun infusing some of these ideas into your daily outfits this coming season(I know I will):)

The Courtyard & Best Udon In Town

The courtyard in Somerset House is usually where 55 fountains dance happily up and down in the middle. But every twice a year, a big tent is set up on top of them, instead of dancing water, it becomes a place for dancing heels and flashing cameras. It is the London Fashion Week. 

You Are What You Eat

Let’s face it, even with a dozen of shops and cafes within arm’s reach, a pub round the corner and a Michelin starred restaurant down the street, sometimes you still prefer dining at home. Cooking is a major passion in my life, and I can’t think of one thing more important than what you eat and …

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