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Exercise Like A Parisian

The majority of places in Paris shut on Sundays. I planed to visit the famous antique market Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen but got lost on the way. (Stupid I know…) So instead of heading all the way north, I went to take a walk on the other side of the river from the where the  …

Going Higher For A View

Strolling around the city of Paris is fantastic! Choose a nice route, and you’ll get to see all the amazing french architecture, wonderful little boutique shops, some of the cutest Yorkies(seriously, Parisians seem to love Yorkies). And when it comes to the evening, there’s the perfect plac …

Day One In Paris – A Walking Tour (Followed By Many More)

First day in Paris I woke up rushing out to our balcony to have a glance at the beautiful Parisian view in the morning sun. We’re lucky enough to get the great view overlooking the Tuileries garden. And the day was pleasantly warm enough for staying out there in just a t-shirt for 30 seconds!

Seasonal Camouflage

Could it be a natural instinct within us human being? I forbid myself to go into depth with that thought here, but I can’t deny the comfort of dressing in the colours reflecting your natural surroundings. 

Biker In Pink

It can feel a bit too much for many girls to go for a really strong shaped, masculine leather biker jacket with power shoulders. But not when it comes in baby pink.

Rhinestone Brogues

I have rather shallow tastes in fashion. Anything with, say a pop of colour, any unusual structures/ materials or some glitter of shine will be the first thing I look at(and consider seriously to add into my wardrobe)when I go shopping. 

Winter Pastels (Where Do You Get Your Inspirations?)

Fashion inspirations can come from the smallest daily occurrence in life. As winter approaches, we get shorter and wetter days. But because of just that, we come to appreciate more of the rare appearance of clear and bright sky. 

Fringe Benefit

Back in the age when my mother got to pick all my clothes, she used to like dressing me up in head-to-toe denim. My primary school teacher once couldn’t help it any more and asked me if my mother had some kind of a cowgirl fantasy. To be honest, back then I didn’t appreciate the boyish, tough an …

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