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To Having More Meals With Your Loved Ones

Christmas Breakfast at Home With the year coming to an end, everyone is looking back on the year that’s (almost) all behind us. The year 2014 has been an special one for me, obviously because I decided to start running this blog where I wouldn’t be writing on right now if the year didn’t hap …

Wrapping Up

It’ll be officially Christmas day when this article is up online. I won’t say much at this time of the year. No matter if you’re wrapping/ unwrapping a gift, or wrapping yourself up all warm in these colder days(which you must do!), I wish you the merriest festive season this year. 

You Are My Sunshine

The winter months in the UK are usually rather dark and gloomy. We only get to the sun for about 7-8 hours a day, and that’s if the clouds stayed away and the sun came out at all. 

Before Party Starts

Christmas is officially just 2 sleeps away, and afterwards is of course the new year. Heading to all kinds of parties and get-togethers in your beautiful dresses, you’ll need a coat to keep you warm all the way before and after the parties(and it almost goes without saying: to keep you in style …

Texture Play

With the more layers we put on for the colder season, it can get interesting mixing different textures and colours with your outfit. 

Columbia Road Flower Market

When I got back to London from Pairs, it already felt like winter. Not surprised though because we were already counting down to Christmas! A visit to the flower shop is usually inevitable around this time of the year, no matter it was for a wreath, or some Christmasy decorations around the hous …

The Rainy Day

The one thing people on holiday always hope for is good weather. But the truth is we simply can’t have that everyday. 

The Venue

The Parisian has great ability in creating grand buildings and rooms. Comparing to them, the British seemed much more modest and reserved when it comes to splurging on their houses.

A For Art, B For Baguette

As long as you plan your day in Paris making sure some “A” and “B” are included, then the day can’t go too bad.

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