2 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Room Today

I always seek new ways to improve my living space, especially around new years.  Clearing out and refreshing a space not only gives a great visual pleasure, but also helps clearing your mind and thoughts. This year, I’ve tried two super easy ways that instantly refresh a room without costing barely any time/ money at all.  I thought I’d share them with you. 1.

The first tip is dead easy to try. Simply turn all the books on the shelf around, using the white pages rather than the colourful bindings towards outside. This will instantly give a minimal and fresh look to your book shelf, and by doing so, hopefully creating a more comfortable living space. 


The second method is also easy and fun to try, that is to get arty, and create your own artwork to decorate a room.

You can draw inspirations from all over the places. From a book/ magazine you’re recently reading, interior pictures, a favourite object or food…etc. An artwork from yourself or a family member doesn’t have to be precise or displaying great skills. The personality and uniqueness is what counts in this creative work.

Get your pen and brush out, practise a little. And finally framing your best work in a decent frame. I assure you that you’ll be positively surprised by how much  of an hidden artist you actually are. 

But before you get redecorating, putting yourself in some comfortable and stylish lounge clothing will put you in the best mood for it.